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Eleventh Hour Films is a production company founded in October 2010 by Jill Green who previously founded Greenlit Productions. The company produces television dramas like the last two seasons of Foyle's War and in 2018 Sony Pictures Television acquires a stake in this company with Sony handling distribution for the company's new content.

(August 1, 2012-)

Logo: Starting off with a sliding filmstrip moving upwards, thick, red shapes and thin, white lines begin emerging while a copyright notice remains on the bottom portion throughout the logo. As two thicker lines begin appearing as well as a bigger red shape, "ELEVENTH" and "HOUR" are seen sliding from the top and bottom respectively with the "H" in both words matching with the filmstrip shape. Then, larger, red triangular shapes as well as two white shapes begin wiping in from the near bottom right, top center, and bottom corner respectively. The red shapes are seen to be outside of the parallel lines whereas the white ones serve as a fill. This causes several shapes and lines to move out of the way before two more red shapes emerges from the top and bottom. Simulatenously, "FILMS" slides in on top of the recently emerged white shape with "IL" align with the filmstrip shape. Finally, the logo gets slightly closer to the screen.


  • On some shows such as New Blood, an in-credit animated variant was used for this logo where it is now within a wide rectangle.
  • On Magpie Murders, the print logo was used for the end credits with "A Co-Production of" over it.
  • On series 8 of Foyle's War, the logo is still and smaller.

Technique: 2D animation of the shapes, lines, and text sliding.

Music/Sounds: The ending soundtrack of the show.

Availability: Uncommon. First seen on series 2 of Vexed and can be seen on their output such as New Blood, Alex Rider, and Magpie Murders. Foyle's War began using this logo in its seventh series.

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