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(September 10, 2004- )

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Logo: We fade to a scene of stormy clouds moving in the sky. Then a silhouette of a boy runs towards us to the right, holding a string that is attached to a kite that is revealed after the boy leaves the screen. The kite weaves in the air, a lightening strike occurs slightly to the left, and when the kite gets to the center, a lightning bolt strikes the kite, turning it into a 2D print version, and a gradient blue box quickly surrounds the kite. The words "ELECTRIC ENTERTAINMENT" stacked together with "ENTERTAINMENT" in a smaller font fade in below the logo.

Technique: The boy running, kite weaving, lightning strikes, clouds moving.

Music/Sounds: An ominous tune playing over, accompanied by the boy's laughter as he runs past us, and sounds of lightning strikes.

Availability: The full version is seen on Flyboys and Celluar. The short version appears at the end of two Librarian films. Also seen on Leverage, with the ready picture and only the name wiping.

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