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EVA Entertainment was a French animation studio.


Logo: On a black background, a red oval rotates from the right to reveal "EVA" in white with the "V" being placed lower and connected to the "A". A line in the same color as the oval emitting a shine fades in and stretches out to both sides before rising up to reveal "Entertainment" matching the color of the letters in the oval.

Technique: The formation.


  • An in-credit version appears on Hilltop Hospital, Spot's Musical Adventures, and Spot and His Grandparents Go to the Carnival.
  • There is another in-credit version on Rex the Runt where the color schemes for the background and "Entertainment" had been swapped.
  • On Lava-Lava!, a small version of the logo appears just after the copyright appears below before it disappears via pixelation.

Music/Sounds: A 9-note piano tune, or none. For the in-credit version, just the end theme of the show.

Availability: Rare. This logo was appeared on Billy the Cat where later or a few international airings either omit the logo or replace it with the Westcom Entertainment or the Fremantle Media logo, though it does appear on an Australian VHS release of the show by ABC Video. Other shows like Rex the Runt, Spot's Musical Adventures, Pond Life, Lava-Lava!, and Hilltop Hospital have an in-credit version instead.

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