Dtp Entertainment AG

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dtp Entertainment ("digital tainment pool"), previously known as "DTP Neue Medien" in 1995-2001, is a significant game publisher and distributor based in Hamburg, Germany. In April 2012, the company filed for bankruptcy.


Logo: The orange block lies on the screen. Then sixteen red blocks come and fit together into one big red square. Three small red blocks come away from the square. The company name appears to the right. It reads the full name or the compressed one ("dtp entertainment AG").

Technique: Moving blocks, very simple and cheap animation. However, in most games it is not animated.

Variants: The background can be black or white, and the words reading full name (early games) or compressed.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Common in distribution areas. Mainly seen on German releases, usually replaced with other distributors in US. The animated version is near extinction, as it was used on a very small amount of games, which are out of print. The black background was seen on Black Mirror 2. The white background is more common.

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