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Logo: On a moving dark blue background, "DREAMPOOL" fades in though it doesn't fully appear while zooming out. The URL, "dreampool@bigpond.com" does the same but in reverse when it zooms in. A huge shine suddenly appears in the middle causing "DREAMPOOL" to appear completely in white. The shine splits into two where the URL stretches to reveal it also in white where a large faded version stretches in to form it. The two shines then go on opposite sides to create an aquamarine line between the word and URL before going out of the frame where it completely goes across.

Technique: The background and formation of the logo.

Music/Sounds: A sound you hear when you're underwater and a spark sound similar to a blowtorch making contact to metal when the logo is formed, especially when the line is created.

Availability: Near extinction. It was seen on Rex Hunt Fishing Adventures during the late stages of it's run where it doesn't air on TV anymore, though its likely that you can catch it on DVD.

Legacy: The underwater sound can be unsettling and the spark sound can make it worse.

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