Dreamland Home Video

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Note: Not to be confused with the Indonesian company of the same name.



Logo: We fade in to a black background with smoke (similar to the 1996 LWT logo). Fading in is a bronze triangle with an abstract "DHV" on it (arranged similar to the NBC "Snake" logo) against a purple TV-tube shape. Two stars blink on the logo, and it zooms towards the bottom, but not leaving the screen, when "DREAMLAND", colored in a gradient of red, yellow, and blue, zooms up, leaving a trail behind. Sparkles then wipe in a blue cursive font "Home Video", and after that, "MORE THAN ENTERTAINMENT" (in a very small font, with the TV between "MORE THAN" and "ENTERTAINMENT") flickers in. Everything but the TV tube and "DREAMLAND" fade out, and the TV zooms towards the viewer, and "DREAMLAND" zooming up, and a circle zooms out, going black.

Technique: Cheap computer animation.

Music/Sounds: A synth sound in the beginning, with two chimes as the logo sparkles, then an 80s pop-sounding synthesizer tune (somewhat similar to, but not like, the 80s Pickwick Video jingle).

Availability: Can be seen on vintage adult tapes.

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