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Double Fine is a gaming company founded by Tim Schafer in July 2000, shortly after leaving LucasArts. Its first two console games - Psychonauts and Brütal Legend - underperformed commercially despite critical acclaim, almost bankrupting the company. Double Fine could still be kept financially viable however, thanks to the publishing of several in-house prototypes developed into smaller games (these practices were later coined as "Amnesia Fortnights") and crowdfunding through Kickstarter. At Microsoft's E3 briefing on June 9, 2019, it was announced that Double Fine would become part of Xbox Game Studios.

(April 19, 2005-)

Logo: The logo changes every game, but it always involves the two head creatures of the logo:

  • Psychonauts: Yellow clouds are seen against a red and gold striped background. Something drops down. A closeup reveals that it is the creature, resembling two conjoined gold babies in an old timey swimsuit. We cut down where in a border "DOUBLE FINE" is in a banner. The creature falls into place.
  • Epic Saga: Extreme Fighter: The last bit of the previous logo (the conjoined baby falling into place) is rendered in 8-bit.
  • My Game About Me: Olympic Challenge: The conjoined baby falling down is rendered in a plain graphic novel style like the game itself. The baby snorts.
  • Tasha's Game: The logo is in an even more cartoony pastel style, and appears without the baby. The baby appears with a pop.
  • Host Master and the Conquest of Humor: The finished logo is in a 16-bit pixelated style and dissolves.
  • Brutal Legend: The logo from before is still, but it is on a red circle on a black background and both heads are wearing bandanas, rocker wigs and Eddie Rigs' clothes with the game's logo on the shirt.
  • Costume Quest (game and series): The baby is in a forest at night holding trick-or-treat pumpkins, the left head is wearing a witch's hat and skeleton costume and the right head is dressed as Frankenstein's monster. Also, the border is orange and black.
  • Stacking: The background is a fancy wallpaper encased in a filmstrip. The left head has a monocle and the right has a hat.
  • Broken Age: On a painted version of the last background, with a mountain added, the creature rises up wearing aviator clothing. The banner rises up soon after.
  • Sesame Street: Once Upon A Monster: The baby is instead a tan two-headed monster with horns and large eyebrows. The circle and banner look like they are made of wood.
  • Headlander: TBA.
  • Day of the Tentacle Remastered: TBA.
  • Psychonauts 2: In the first trailer for the game, the logo is white on a dark smoky background. On the actual game, we transition from the Xbox Game Studios logo by zooming out to reveal that it is on a matchbox. A hand flicks a match out and lights a rope. We get a full view that showcases that the matches are being held by a "strongman" figure with a mustache, who is lighting a cannon with the baby in it. The cannon fires as the strongman blows out his match. The baby flies through the air, looking a little distressed and drooling blobs of saliva. It suddenly stops as the scene transitions, with everything becoming red and gold, a curtain becoming the background, and the baby smiling wrapped in the ribbons of the logo, reading "20 DOUBLE FINE years"

Trivia: The Psychonauts 2 variant was animated by Double Fine alumni Scott Campbell.

Technique: Depends on the variant. Usually 2D animation.


  • Psychonauts: A whimsical tune that calms down when they land.
  • Epic Saga: Extreme Fighter: An 8-bit falling and crash noise.
  • My Game About Me: Olympic Challenge: A cartoon fall and boing sound, one wink from the baby and the snort.
  • Tasha's Game: The pop and the baby wailing.
  • Brutal Legend: One of the games characters screaming "DOUBLE FINE!" (which changes every time the game is booted up)
  • Broken Age: An ice-cream truck like tune ending with trumpets.
  • Costume Quest (Amazon Prime series): Crickets and the hooting of an owl.
  • Psychonauts 2: Soft quirky music that gets louder when the baby flies through the air, along with the sounds of the match lighting, grunts of the strongman, boom of the cannon, high pitched squeal-like screams of the baby, and a "zoom" sound and children cheering when the logo is formed.
  • Other games: None or the opening theme.

Availability: Seen on all of their games, as well as the Costume Quest series on Amazon Prime.

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