Dollar Entertainment

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Editions by
Prodigy012‎, Henrynguye5, and AlmightyKingPrawn

(September 13, 2005?-)

Dollar Entertainment.jpg

Logo: An image of a man holding binoculars looking over an ocean is seen on the top 3/4 of the screen. A turquoise rectangle flips in, with the stacked words "DOLLAR ENTERTAINMENT". Bluish-gray gradient circles with dollar signs ($) slide in from the binoculars, and bulge in and out twice.

Technique: Flash animation, which bears noticeable similarities to the animation style of the first Mill Creek Entertainment logo, indicating they could have been made at the same design studio.

Music/Sounds: Whooshing noises accompanied by the fishing rod reeling sound when the dollar signs appear, with a cash register sound heard twice when the dollar signs bulging in and out. A generic rock beat is heard as the logo fades out.

Availability: Can be seen on dollar-store public domain DVD releases of the time such as Evel Knievel/Stunts.

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