Distribuidoras Cinematograficas Asociados S.A.

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DIASA (1980).png

Logo: On a slightly blurred and dark space background, we see the spinning earth in blue and red. The cursive text "Distribuidoras Cinematograficas Asociados, S.A." can be seen moving in a curved shape, surrounding the earth. Then we fade out & in to the same space background, without the blurry and darkness effects. It also contains two logos from both left (Aster Films S.A.) and right (Inter Distribucion Cinematografica S.A.). The logos shift closer, and they fuse cheaply to form the company's logo, consisting of a red outlined white circle. Inside it contains 38(?) black stars all shaped as an circle, with the text "DIASA" which is also shaped as a circle, surrounded by stars. We slowly zoom in, then "presenta" wipes into the right.

Technique: Most likely live-action.

Music/Sounds: It starts with a series of drums, segueing into a triumphant fanfare.

Availability: Can be seen on releases produced by the company.

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