Disney Enhanced Home Theater Mix

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(October 7, 2003-December 10, 2013)

Logo: On a black background, a ball of sparkles flies in, leaving behind more sparkles and light flares. It arches over the screen, wiping in "DiSNEY" in its signature font, colored gold, but without the dot on the "i". The sparkles then curve around the text and then collide with it, causing the "i" to glow and the dot to appear, but also causing the background to transform into a rippling blue curtain and the 3D silver text "ENHANCED HOME THEATER MIX", with "ENHANCED" bigger than the rest of the text and stacked over it, to move up and zoom in slowly. The glow on the "i" dies down and the text below emits light as the background stops rippling.

Technique: The animation is standard fare, but the text and background just pop up without any effect.

Music/Sounds: Sparkles are heard throughout with a strange chord when the text is wiped in, a "WHOOSH" when the sparkles curve, and a deep hit is heard when the sparkles hit the text.

Availability: Seen on some DVDs that have the enhancement, like the Platinum DVDs of The Lion King and The Little Mermaid (2003 and 2006 respectively) and the 2-disc release of Peter Pan, released in 2007.

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