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Logo descriptions and captures by naxo-ole Editions by Gilblitz112


Discovery Channel Multimedia was the interactive sector of Discovery Channel, which begun in the 1990's.

1st Logo (1994-Early 1996)

Discovery Channel Multimedia (1995).png

Logo: On a dark background, a flipping image of a CD flying to become a semicircle shaped CD. The CD turns into a semicircular red sun, forming the CGI version of the 1987-1995 The Discovery Channel logo.

Technique: The CD flying andbecoming the sun and the Discovery Channel logo appearing.

Music/Sounds: Same as the Discovery Channel Video Library logo.

Availability: Seen on Operation Weather Disaster and Big Job.

2nd Logo (1996-1999)

Discovery Channel Multimedia (1996).png

Logo: On a dark background, we see texts in different languages appearing fast. The languages follow in this order:

  • Spanish: "DESCUBRIENDO EL MUNDO" (Discovering the World)
  • Arabian: "تعرفي على العالم حولك" (Learn about the World around You)
  • French: "REGARDS SUR LE MONDE" (Views on the World)
  • Portuguese: "DESCOBRINDO O MUNDO" (Discovering the World)
  • German: "AUF ENTDECKUNGSKURS" (On discovery course)
  • Hebrew: "העולם אצלך בבית" (The World in your house)
  • Italian: "SCOPRIRE E CONOCERE" (Discover and know)
  • Indonesian: "JENDELA DUNIA ANDA" (Your Window on the World)
  • Norweigan: "SLIPP VERDEN INN" (Release the World In)
  • Japanese: "探険、 ふしきの世界"
  • Danish: "LÆR VERDEN AT KENDE" (Getting the World to know)
  • Dutch: "BRENGT DE WERELD BIJ JE THUIS" (Bring the World at your home)

After we see "EXPLORE YOUR WORLD", we see five mulberry circles of ascendent size surrounding "O" of "EXPLORE", and we see a red dot moving on the fourth circle (that represents an electron). Suddenly "EXPLORE YOUR WORLD" disappears and the circles become a CD, then a compass, and finally the Earth and forms the Discovery Channel logo. Finally, we see MULTIMEDIA appearing below it with a red line behind the globe (that is rotating).

Technique: It's a CGI logo.

Music/Sounds: A dark piano melody, followed by some technological sounds (i.e. beeps and synth sizzles), which ends with a 3-note synth fanfare.

Availability: Ultra rare. It can be seen on Savage: The Ultimate Quest for Survival, Bizantine: The Betrayal, Evolution: The Game of Intelligent Life and the Spanish game El Taller de Inventos (The Workshop Inventions).

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