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Descriptions by
Nick Michiotis

Video captures courtesy of
Alex Gog TV and Ody1305 The Worldwide Logo Master /Odysseus Fotis


Dioharis Audiovisual was responsible for producing television/radio commercials, as well as releasing shows and films on DVD and VCD. It was founded in 2002 by Ilias Mihalas.

1st Logo (2002-2005)

Dioharis Audiovisual (Greece) (2002).png

Logo: We see the letters of the word "DIOHARIS" and some lines, as well as the number "2", floating around in the screen. Once the letters are placed in the correct order, with the various lines also placed around them, albeit both in an unevenly way, the word "audiovisual" appears above "RIS". The bottom line of the number "2" is also joined with the letter "I", into a cross; the two resemble the number "24" as a result.

Technique: The letters of the word "DIOHARIS", the lines and the number "2", floating around.

Music/Sounds: An excerpt of Hocus Pocus by Corinne Gelfan, as heard on the MX009 Movie Showcase Vol. 1 album.

Availability: Rare. It can be found on some VCD releases of animated shows, as well as the Then There Where Giants DVD.

Legacy: People who see this ident at first get confused to this day, as to what's the company's actual name. There's also no explanation about the addition of "2" on the logo as of now.

2nd Logo (2005-2007)

Dioharis Audiovisual (Greece) (2005).png

Logo: We see two semicircles, a vertical one and a horizontal one, on the center left and center right part of the screen respectively, as well as some lines. "D" and "OHARIS" are drawn in the sense of lined drawing (and identically to the previous logo), with the initial lines serving as indicators of the numbers and letters' overall size, and additional ones for the letters appearing on the screen. Then, a red vertical line gets dragged from the left to the right side of the screen, while forming the "24" number (composed of the number "2" and the letter "I", similarly to the previous logo) between "D" and "O", and the "audiovisual" word above "RIS" in red lines. Once said vertical reaches the right side of the screen, it returns to the left side, filling "D" and "OHARIS" with black color, and "24" and "audiovisual" with red color in the process.


Music/Sounds: An excerpt of Hocus Pocus by Corinne Gelfan.

Availability: Rare. It can be found on some VCD releases of animated shows.

3rd Logo (2007-2010)

Dioharis Audiovisual (Greece) (2007).png

Logo: The camera zooms out, as a wall with several red one-time appearing point crosses is perceived. As it zooms out some more, the outline of the Dioharis logo, and a colored version ahead of it (as seen in the previous logo), are seen, as well as two circles on the left and right side of the wall, that come from lighting and move towards each other. Then, the camera spins around the latter two clockwise (while moving upwards and downwards to them simultaneously), once. After the camera goes back to showing the logo from the bottom, it slowly moves upwards, while the two circles left and right start moving outwards. The camera gets a fixed position, and the circles speedily move towards each other's position, while the halftone light around them disappears.

Technique: Τhe lights that point to the wall.


Availability: Very rare. It can be found on some releases, such as DVDs from Golden Collection of Greek Cinema Classics.

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