Digital Jesters

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Digital Jesters was created in 2003 by the veterans of CDV UK office, after it was closed by mother company. They tried publishing outside UK as well, but in 2005 several cases of withholding payments appeared and the company was dissolved.


Logo: On a white background, a blue, futuristic-looking "D" spins onto the screen, followed by a red "J" blasting through and land inside it. Then "electronic entertainers" is seen zooming out, with "Digital" and "Jesters" zooming out in blue and red futuristic fonts, respectively,and a rounded blue rectangle zooms out last, with only one corner pointed. The logo slowly zooms out and stops, shining a little bit, below rotating and zooming back off screen.

Technique: The zooming of the parts.

Music/Sounds: Steel clanging sounds.

Availability: Uncommon, as it had a short life span. Seen on several trailers and regional distributions. Also appeared on Bet on Soldier: Blood Sport and the demo version of 1944: Battle of the Bulge.

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