Dharma Vijaya Pictures

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Descriptions by
TVB‎ ‎

Captures by

Editions by
Henrynguye5, TVB and Tabit

Video captures courtesy of
PFS2021Channel [Susastir & Gaulves] AU-NZ

(June 21, 1979)

Dharma Vijaya Pictures.jpg

Logo: We see continuous lightning a black background. After that, we see a bell shaking inside of a golden circle with a base & skinny lines outside of the circle. The Text "DHARMA VIJAYA PICTURES" in yellow shows up a few seconds later & the logo brightens up to reveal the golden circle on a brown pedestal. The bell shakes more slowly until it stops shaking.

Technique: Live action footage.

Music/Sounds: The thunder noises in the lightning scene, the bell noises along with an announcer saying a religious quote (also used in Shakeel Pictures, Zakirhussain Films, and Sushil Enterprises) in the bell scene, & a sitar tune as the logo brightens.

Avaiability: Can only be seen on Punadi Rallu.

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