Deedle-Dee Productions

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Descriptions by
mr3urious, Michael Bass and PAV123

Editions by
SuperMax124 and Limmey


This is the vanity card of Greg Daniels, the creator of the NBC sitcoms The Office and Parks and Recreation (along with Michael Schur, who also owns a production company, Fremulon) and the Fox sitcom King of the Hill (along with Mike Judge, who also owns a production company, Judgemental Films).

1st Logo (January 12, 1997-May 20, 2010)

Logo: Superimposed over an American flag, we see the text "DEEDLE-DEE PRODUCTIONS, JUDGEMENTAL FILMS & 3 ARTS ENTERTAINMENT" in white, and written in the same font as the names on the King of the Hill closing credits (Freehand 575). "in association with" is written below in Compacta (the font used for the other credits on that show).

Variant: On French and Quebecois airings, there's no American flag background, with everything on a black background. Another French airing has the credits in a different font (Dom Casual).

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: A random quote from the preceding episode of King of the Hill. In the show's first season, it was silent or had the sound effects/music that played on the episode's final scene.

Availability: Can be seen on King of the Hill.

2nd Logo (March 24, 2005-May 16, 2013)

Logo: On a black background, we see a childish drawing with the text "DEEDLE-DEE PRODUCtioNs" on a light blue box. The letters of each drawing have various designs, such as stripes and polka dots.

Trivia: The logo was drawn by Greg Daniels' son.


  • In 2009, the right side of the logo has been cropped, so the text is now centered.
  • In 2010, the logo was made smaller, and more of the light blue box can be seen.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: From 2005 to 2007, the logo was silent. From 2007 to the rest of the logo's run, it uses the closing theme of the show.

Music/Sounds Variant: At the end of the episode "Halloween", a soundbite of Dwight yelling "Quiet, you!" (from a scene earlier in the episode) is heard over this logo.

Availability: Seen only on The Office (U.S. version).

3rd Logo (April 9, 2009-)

Logo: On a black background with 13 dots in many colors, we see the text "DEEDLE-DEE PRODuctioNs!" with various patterns in each letter.

Trivia: Like the last logo, this was also drawn by Greg Daniels' son.


  • Starting with Upload, the logo is animated and moving with shooting stars in a space background. Plus, there are 4 dots, and the company name is enhanced (including text elements from the previous logo) with the removal of the exclamation point.
  • On A Parks and Recreation Special, the logo is next to the Fremulon and 3 Arts Entertainment logos.

Technique: None in the standard version. 2D computer animation in the animated version.

Music/Sounds: The closing theme of the show or silence.

Availability: Seen on Parks and Recreation, Upload and Space Force.

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