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De Agostini S.p.A. is an Italian holding company that coordinates the strategic operating companies De Agostini Editore, De Agostini Communications, IGT, and DeA Capital, and makes financial investments, among which the main investment is a minority stake in Assicurazioni Generali was founded in 1901 by geographer Giovanni De Agostini in Rome, and later moved to Novara.

DeAgostini Quality Video


DeAgostini Quality Video.jpg

Logo: A yellow background fades in. The text "DeAGOSTINI" in silver then moves into the screen in side view and then spins into normal as it moves down. A blue filmstrip then brings up from the right side and the "e" of the company name shrinks above between the letters. The filmstrip then goes on to make a circle, then a short filmstrip line comes out from the top-left and moves diagonally to the bottom-right of the filmstrip circle, forming a "Q". The words "QUALITY" and "VIDEO" then slide from both sides in side view and spin into front view. "DeAGOSTINI" then zooms out as a zig-zag rectangular border fades in between the about-to-be-formed logo, as lines appear below the elements. The yellow background fades out, leaving the rectangular logo intact with the yellow color. The final result resembles that of a stamp.

Variant: A normal version of the logo exists, where the DeAgostini text animation is the only one present, and the entire thing is on either a black or blue background.

Technique: CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: A synth bass pattern plays throughout. An eerie synth choir is heard, followed by digital sounds, a held synth pad and whooshes. The synth pad then makes another note, followed by a synth brass note while the logo stops forming.

Availability: Uncommon. If you're checking out a recent Italian VHS release, it would be mostly made by this company.

DeAgostini Quality DVD/DeAgostini

1st logo (2004-2010s)

DeAgostini Quality DVD Video.jpg
DeAgostini Presenta.jpg

Logo: On a bluish gray-black background, a silver rounded rectangle forms out of a large blue light. The rectangle then spins around to its other side. As such it reveals the DeAgostini logo text on the bottom, along with "QUALITY VIDEO" on the top. 2 filmstrips layered on each other with the letters "QV" on them appear in between the text. The rectangle then shines a bit while blue light travels upwards and the whole logo fades white. The rectangle then disappears with the logo remaining, which also fades out. After it fades out, a water droplet falls, creating a ripple. As this happens, a turquoise sphere comes into view from the top of the screen, rotating to reveal a sunburst-like design on the right of the sphere. The sphere zooms back as the sunburst design shines, rotating towards the viewer as it does, settling at the center of the screen. Once it settles, the sunburst design shines brighter as the white words "DeAGOSTINI", set in its corporate font, flashes in. The sunburst's light dies down as the white words "presenta" (italian for presents) fades in below the name.


  • On DVD releases, the text now adds "DVD" to the text to read "QUALITY DVD VIDEO" and the filmstrips have been replaced with a DVD, which comes flying in a la the Paramount DVD logo.
  • On PC games, the DVD variant is used, but with the text "QUALITY CD-ROM" added.
  • Sometimes, the "presenta" text would be omitted, or would be in english.

Technique: The rectangle forming, the stamp shining, the water drop and the ripple, the sphere zooming out and rotating, the name flashing in and the fading in.

Music/Sounds: The 1st part has a loud whoosh, followed by a soft choir and synth with some droplets, and ending with a single whoosh. The 2nd part has a water dripping sound effect, followed by an orchestral piece with a synth/orchestral ascending sound as the sphere zooms back, and a piano ding at the end.

Availability: Rare for the VHS version, and common for the DVD one. Can be found on several releases by them.

2nd logo (2004-)


Logo: On a black background, a turquoise sphere shines bright. The sphere moves when the ray opens when the white words "DeAGOSTINI" fading in. Then the ray disappears to reveal the half sunlight on the right inside of the sphere.

Technique: 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: None, or a dreamy music.

Availability: Common.

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