Datos y Mensajes

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Background: Datos y Mensajes was a company that produced programs for Colombian television, especially news programs. The company was founded in 1979.

1st (known) logo (1987-1998)

Logo: We see the blue-green words "DATOS Y MENSAJES" fly in, word by word, on a gray-white gradient background with a spinning darker gray globe beneath the words. The globe zooms in, and this transitions into the program opening.

Technique: The words appearing, which are dated CGI even for the time--not to mention that this would be used for 11 years.

Music/Sounds: The opening theme, which consists of a repetitive deep synth track. A high-pitched whine is heard for every word that appears. A voiceover then says "Datos y Mensajes presenta..."

Availability: Seen on Noticiero TV Hoy.

Legacy: The animation is fine, but the music accompanied with it along with the globe zooming in will cause a few scares.

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