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Dall'Angelo Pictures S.r.l. is an Italian film distribution and production company founded in 1998 by Barbara Dall'Angelo, which operates in film, television, home video and Deejay web platforms.

The company carries out production activities by acting in every stage of film making, from shooting, through editing to dubbing. The company also acts internationally, collaborating with several foreign production companies, working in the field of cinema, documentaries, TV drama and cartoons. Internationally co-produced films include the thriller The Last Sign, starring Andie MacDowell and Tim Roth, and the action film starring Steven Seagal The Foreigner.

1st logo (1999-2009)

Note: The first video shown below had the complete logo, badly recorded. However, the second one, had a partial recording of the logo with smooth framerate. As of 2022, it's unknown if the logo would be re-uploaded in full with better frame-rate and sound quality.

Logo: On a black background, we see two glowing, spinning filmreels with a filmstrip running through them slowly flying out from the center of the screen while moving left, before turning up until they are vertically positioned on the left side of the screen. As this happens, a glowing blue spot flies out to the right and the company name "DALL'ANGELO PICTURES", in silver, flips in from left to right as the spot moves left to the "D" and disappears. The holes in the filmreels disappear as the glowing spot draws an arc between them, and "DALL'ANGELO" shines before it and the logo flips out of existence while "PICTURES" fades out.

Variant: There is a short version that has the logo already formed before the text turns around.

Technique: CGI coupled with 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: A light, calming orchestral piece. None for the short version.

Availability: Seen on VHS and DVD releases from the time. The short version appears at the beginning of Italian airings of Busytown Mysteries.

2nd logo (2009-2020)


Logo: On a light blue-white animated background, we see what appears to be a plume of blue smoke zoom diagonally from the left side of the screen to the bottom before three more plumes of smoke, two from the upper left and right corners of the screen and one from the bottom-center of the screen, shoot up, converging until they begin swirling around each other and eventually merge and leap away before swirling in the center of the screen again and forming a blue wing shape that flaps once before becoming a solid dark blue. The stacked company name, also in dark blue, "dall'angelo Pictures" then fades in underneath. A few seconds later, everything fades away (although the wing shape can still be seen) and the handwritten name "Barbara Dall'Angelo", alongside "presenta" below, is written out.


  • There is a variant of the logo where the logo does not fade out at the end and the "Barbara Dall'Angelo presenta" text does not appear. This variant is seen on foreign-produced films and TV shows distributed by the company.
  • A shorter version exists, starting off with the plume of smoke swirling in and transforming into the logo. The animation is also much faster and the text at the end is absent.

Technique: The plumes of smoke swirling and changing into the logo, the background animating and the text writing. Presumably hand-painted animation combined with 2D.

Music/Sounds: A whoosh following into a rather high synth tune of some kind. When the "Barbara Dall'Angelo presenta" text writes out, a faint pixie dust sound can be heard.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • The version without the "Barbara Dall'Angelo presenta" does not have the pixie dust sound at the end.
  • On the short version, the theme is abridged and sounds more dramatic, as well as having an held-out note.

Availability: Common. It appears on all films produced by the company, as well as on DVD and Blu-Ray releases. The short version can be seen on Dinosaur Train and Masha and the Bear (from Season 2 onwards, Season 1 uses the standard logo without the text).

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