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Dakota Pictures (formerly Dakota North Entertainment) is an American film/television production and development company founded by producer Troy Miller, in 1985.

Dakota North Entertainment

1st Logo (April 28, 1991-November 24, 1995)

Logo: On a orange background, we see a circle with a diamond with a line across as triangles with half-shaded and half non-shaded with a shape of ahead inside the circle. The words is shown "DAKOTA NORTH" and "ENTERTAINMENT, INC."

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: The closing theme.

Availability: Seen on season 1 of Mr. Show with Bob and David.

2nd Logo (November 15, 1996-October 12, 2003)


Logo: On a black background, we see the image of the sign with the buffalo with the word "DAKOTA" in the dark-brown sky. The words on top reads, "D A K O T A" and on the bottom "NORTH ENTERTAINMENT, INC."


  • The early version shows a sunset sky and the words in white.
  • The animated version shows us a sky first, then the sign zooms out as well as the box, then the company's name appears, then the logo fades out.
  • A short version exists.

Technique: None, except the short and the animated versions.

Music/Sounds: None or the closing theme. We hear a whistle and a guitar (taken from Tenacious D episode "Road Gig") on the short and the animated versions.

Availability: Seen on Mr. Show with Bob and David (seasons 2 and 3), Tenacious D, the unsold pilot of Super Nerds, the TV movie Windy City Heat, etc.

Dakota Pictures

1st Logo (October 26, 2003-April 20, 2016)

Note: That logo varies in the vein of the 11th Hanna-Barbera logo.


  • Viva La Bam: We start off with D & P connected each other, zooming out with DAKOTA PICTURES appearing on 3D a bit, then normal. There's a shine in a background.
  • Flight of the Conchords: There's a metal sign of the company's name in black.
  • On a paper background, we see the yellow cube with the company's name in white.
  • Bored to Death: On a black background with the white highlight, we see the company's name covered with black lines on the rectangle with the gray lines.
  • Eagleheart: We see the letters on gold, and the company's name on white. Then a blood appears on the letters.
  • Deadbeat: We zoom past through the buildings, and we stop at the building with the company's name on white over it.

Technique: Depends on the logos.

Music/Sounds: None or the closing theme.

Availability: Seen on Viva La Bam, Eagleheart, Deadbeat, Bored to Death, etc.

2nd Logo (March 30, 2016- )

Logo: We see the shine a bit, then the same first logo appears in metal with the rectangle. They zoom out a bit, then they shine.

Technique: The logo appearing, the shining.

Music/Sounds: A twinkling noise with a whoosh sound. On Lopez, there's a closing theme with a whoosh sound.

Availability: Seen on Lopez, Hidden America with Jonah Ray, and 12 Deadly Days.

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