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SnowflakesOmega and Henrynguye5

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1st Logo (1999)

Logo: The camera spins around a belt of asteroids with a blue light around the inside. An explosion then occurs, moving the asteroids away. The DVD-4-U logo, consisting of mirrored D's with a "V" between them and the word "4U" below it is seen as result of the explosion. A blue light then passes through it, and stops, forming a circular halo light.

Technique: The camera passing by, the explosion, the light.

Music/Sounds: A dark synth hum, followed by an explosion, and then a synthesized shining sound.

Availability: Was seen on a DVD box-set of Ultimate Aircraft.

2nd Logo (1999)

Logo: We see an observatory near a lake in a nighttime environment. Suddenly, a light sweeps underneath it, and the observatory swings around to the sky. We then cut to the lens of the telescope to reveal the finished logo from before. The lens of the telescope then zoom to the right of the logo, and at a extreme close-up it darkens and the word "PRESENTS" appears.

Technique: The CGI observatory.

Music/Sounds: A laser sound, followed by a synth theme.

Availability: Was seen on the same DVD box-set of Ultimate Aircraft.

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