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DC Entertainment is the production arm of DC Comics. The company is a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Entertainment that manages its DC units and intellectual property (characters) in other units as they work with other Warner Bros. units. It also delves into those units within the DC Universe (DCU).

1st Logo (1996-2005)

Logo: Against a black or white background, we see the corporate DC Comics logo in various color schemes, such as blue, black, orange, or gold.

Variant: On the Teen Titans Go! Hollywood Special, "Kabooms" (July 20, 2018), the logo is in white in a 20th Century Fox FBI Warning style and the background is orange.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Rare. It has hardly been seen on films or television series, but appears on numerous games based on the company's Batman, Catwoman, Justice League, and Superman franchises from 1996 to 2005.

2nd Logo (May 31, 2005-March 16, 2013)

Logo: On a black background, we see a shining wall full of blue dots. As we zoom out, we see a close-up of someone's eye, the face of a character (possibly the Joker) with a mencing grin, and a man getting punched. As the camera finishes zooming out, the dots form the letters "DC", as a shooting star forms around them, and the words "DC COMICS" appear below the logo. The words and logo slowly zoom out before fading out.


  • On some films like Superman Returns, Jonah Hex and Green Lantern, the last two images of the zoom-out portion are customized to reflect the film.
  • A still version exists.
  • On some video games, no text is used.
  • At the end of some shows, the logo is still.
  • On Seasons 5-10 of Smallville, the short-lived Human Target, and various DC animated movies, the logo is shortened to the text shining.

Technique: CGI animation courtesy of Imaginary Forces.

Music/Sounds: A triumphant and heroic orchestral fanfare, the opening theme of the movie, or silence. Smallville (Season 5 and beyond) has the beginning of the 2003 Warner Bros. Television theme before going to said logo.

Music/Sounds Variant: On Superman Returns, we hear some whooshing noises, plus some chuckling and a punching sound.

Availability: Common. Appears on DC-licensed products from 2005-13. First used on the film Batman Begins and last appeared on Green Lantern. Also appears on animated direct-to-video movies from Superman: Brainiac Attacks to Superman vs. The Elite. Unfortunately retired in mid-2012 due to legal issues with DC Shoes.

3rd Logo (July 16, 2012-June 23, 2016)

Logo: We see the then-new DC Comics logo, which shows a solid blue letter "D" with its edge peeled to reveal a white "C" under it, the text "DC COMICS" below it, and the byline "FROM DC ENTERTAINMENT" below the company name.

Trivia: This logo was designed to represent the dual identity trope of the superhero genre, one identity peeling back to reveal the other.

Variant: A list of custom variants were used, depending on the film or TV show.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: None, or the opening theme of the movie. On TV series, the show's closing theme is used.

Music/Sounds Variant:

  • On the Robot Chicken (DC Comics) variant, Superman (voiced by Breckin Meyer) says "Another job well done!" (a quote from a skit in the first special, where he used his "memory-erasing kiss" ability on his enemies, only to find them waiting for him with gifts at the Fortress of Solitude).
  • On the pilot episode of The Flash, a synthesized whoosh sound is heard.
  • On seasons 1-2 of Arrow, a sound of an arrow being shot is heard.

Availability: Common. Seen on DC-licensed products from 2012-16. The first movie to use this logo was The Dark Knight Rises. Also appeared on animated direct-to-video movies starting with the two-part Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and ending with Batman Unlimited: Mechs vs. Mutants, along with the three Robot Chicken DC Comics specials. The last movie to use this logo was Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It was also seen on the short-lived Beware the Batman and the first few seasons of Teen Titans Go! on Cartoon Network until "Think About Your Future".

Legacy: This logo was not very well liked when it debuted, with a design widely considered a downgrade from the previous logo, as well as the logo's animation, if any, being too simplistic. It was said to look more like a logo for a paper company than anything else.

4th Logo (September 22, 2014-)

Logo: See this page for variants.

Variants: See this page for variants.

Technique: See this page for variants.

Music/Sounds: Sound effects that correspond with the action, which varies from show to show. The Supergirl pilot had no music.

Availability: Current and common.

  • Currently seen before the Warner Bros. Television logo or the Warner Horizon Television logo on every new TV series based on a DC Comics property, beginning with Gotham and on the third season of Arrow, The Flash, Constantine, Legends of Tomorrow, Lucifer (Seasons 5-6), Supergirl, Krypton, Pennyworth, and Batwoman.
  • All variants (except Constantine) can be found on the DCTV's official YouTube account, on the video "DCTV - Logo Extravaganza!". Used in tandem with the 3rd and 6th logos.

Legacy: A favorite of fans of DC television programming.

5th Logo (June 30, 2016-)

Logo: On a black background, we see a blue circle with the stylized letters "D" and "C" in it.


  • The logo is often modified to fit the show's style.
  • At the beginning of Teen Titans Go!, we see the Cartoon Network logo on a pink background. Beast Boy (voiced by Greg Cipes, in bird form) appears. As he approaches, he turns back into his normal self, covering up the entire logo. After that, he transforms into various animals before transforming into a green DC logo, which then roars at us.
  • An open matte version exists.
  • A split screen version exists when Cartoon Network is aired.
  • On the Teen Titans Go! episode, "DC" (DC Kids Fandome event), Robin (voiced by Scott Menville) tells the Titans that they are going to the DC headquarters for Wonder Woman's birthday.

Technique: It's a still logo.

Music/Sounds: The movie's opening theme or the show's closing theme.

Availability: Current and common on DC-licensed products from 2016-onward. Seen on the Teen Titans Go! episodes beginning with the The Powerpuff Girls (reboot) crossover special "TTG v PPG" (the logo's first appearance) and Justice League Action! on Cartoon Network. On movies, this logo was only sparsely used (in favor of the 7th logo), but it was seen on Suicide Squad (2016) and The Batman (2022). Also shown on direct-to-video films starting with Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders.

Legacy: Considered by some to be a return to form, especially by detractors of the 3rd logo.

6th Logo (June 2, 2017-)

Logo: We first see the members of the Justice League (in order of appearance: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, The Flash, Green Lantern), which then transitions to multiple DC characters standing together. Everything zooms out to reveal the DC logo with a shiny texture.

Trivia: The imagery is based on comic book artist Alex Ross's artwork on DC Comics, particularly the "Kingdom Come" comic.


  • On Reign of the Supermen, The Death of Superman, and Justice League vs. The Fatal Five, an extended version of the logo is used.
  • A still version appears at the end of Joker.
  • The logo is in 4:3 in Zack Snyder's Justice League to fit with Snyder's original vision and either in color in the original version and black and white in the Justice is Grey version, depending on the version.

Technique: CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: It mainly uses the opening theme of the movie. On Teen Titans Go! To the Movies, it uses a dramatic orchestral fanfare.

Availability: Current. Was first seen on Wonder Woman, and has since appeared on various DC productions.

Legacy: It's a favorite among DC fans, mainly due to demonstrating the expansiveness of the DC brand.

Unused Logos

Prologue Concept (201?)

Logo: Against a dark background, we zoom out of the Superman logo glowing in Superman's chest, with his eyes shooting red laser beams. The camera flies to Wonder Woman's chest while she crosses her arms to avoid a projectile. Then, a close-up of the Flash runs, and we zoom out to Green Lantern's ring shooting a beam while his fist is clenched. We then zoom out again to Batman flying on a blue-tinted background with flying debris. We zoom out to the debris as it reveals the then-new DC Comics logo, which shows a solid blue letter "D" with its edge peeled to reveal a white "C" under it, the text "DC COMICS" below it, and the byline "FROM DC ENTERTAINMENT" below the company name.

Technique: CGI animation by Prologue. It can be seen on their website.

Music/Sounds: A triumphant orchestral fanfare.

Availability: Unused. Since DC rebranded its look in mid 2016, it was never seen on any DC-licensed products. The only way you can see this now is on Prologue's Vimeo page.

Graphic (2016?)

Logo: Various superhuman symbols (Superman's, Batman's, which becomes the Bat-Signal, Wonder Woman, and the Green Lantern) appear in black-and-white ink, surrounded by motion lines, which all lead to the same DC logo used in the Prologue prototype, but in black and white. The logo turns to color.

Trivia: The logo is based on Frank Miller's art style.

Technique: CGI animation by Michael Daniels at Devastudios.

Music/Sounds: Unknown, as all we have are style frames.

Availability: Can only be seen in the form of style frames on Michael Daniels' website here.

Origin (2016?)

Logo: Matter is formed from thin air, first becoming ground and gravel, then forming into pencil lead-like shapes, then black ink. Blue ink splashes across the gravel to form the 2016 DC logo, which zooms out.

Trivia: The logo is meant to represent the three main stages of a comic (pencil, ink, color) forming a cosmos.

Technique: CGI animation by Michael Daniels at Devastudios.

Music/Sounds: Unknown, as all we have are style frames.

Availability: Can only be seen in the form of style frames on Michael Daniels' website here.

Rivers (2016?)

Logo: Flows of blue and red-orange energy crisscross, illuminating various heroes and landscapes, and form the 2016 DC logo in a stormy light. The light fades, turning the logo blue.

Trivia: The logo is based on the existing DC Comics 52 Multiverse, and is meant to showcase the different realities as rivers leading to the source.

Technique: CGI animation by Michael Daniels at Devastudios.

Music/Sounds: Unknown, as all we have are style frames.

Availability: Can only be seen in the form of style frames on Michael Daniels' website here.