D'Wonder Films Inc.

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Descriptions by
SuitcaseLover2018 and PATRICKSTARSEVEN

Captures by

Editions by
SuitcaseLover2018 and Tabit

Video captures courtesy of
MatthewTheScienceGuy and Damien L

1st Logo (December 14, 1979)

D'Wonder Films Inc (1979).png

Logo: We see the W inside a blue neon square with the words "D'Wonder Films, Inc." displayed below in a black background with numerous stars. A second later, the word Present would came out of nowhere below the company name itself. Then everything disappears except for the space background.

Trivia: This is one of the first logos to use the Star Wars theme, which would later be used in various logos, most of them being South Asian film logos.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: The same music as the Star Wars opening theme.

Availability: Only seen on Bokyo.

2nd Logo (1979-1980)


Logo: We see a W with 2 lightning bolts on them. The screen and the W flashes during that time. Then it leaves the background on black and the W on white for a while. Then they flash again but this time, the W zooms out. After that, the screen turns white and the W turns black and the W is in a square. Then the words D'WONDER FILMS INC. appear. After, the square outline turns orange and the W turns olive green. Then the screen fades into black and the text turns yellow.

Technique: Simple cel Animation.

Music/Sounds: The sounds of a thunderstorm, along with a fanfare.

Availability: Seen on Ang Agimat Ni Pepe and Darna at Ding.

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