D'Camp Films International

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(1988-1989, 2001)


Logo: On a garnet background, a sparkle is seen in the center. The sparkle then emits a pink film reel which zooms out to the left side of the screen. The film reel shows its filmstrips, which are yellow. The filmstrip stops moving. After that, it burns to take place for "D'CAMP FILMS" to appear. It then moves more upwards to take place for the text "INTERNATIONAL". All of the text is in yellow.

Variants: A logo with a different color scheme with having the colors orange-red film reel, yellow text, and a gray background exists.

FX/SFX: All done with 2D animation, along with the sparkles.

Music/Sounds: The Star Wars opening theme, along with zaps and whooshes.

Availability: Seen on the theatrical trailer of Ang anino ni Asedillo and Paradise Hell, both of which are plastered by the Viva Video logo on current prints.

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