Crown Films & Home Video S.A.

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(Mid 1980s-Early 1990s)

Crown Films & Home Video.png

Logo: We see a cheap close-up of a space background zooming in, slowly. We see a bunch of copies containing the logo zooming in & rotating by each one. The logo consists of a shot of a space background containing a blue-shaped crown, beneath it is "CROWN", in yellow, glowing. Below it is a blue rectangle, with an upside down triangle beneath it with the words "FILMS" and "& HOME VIDEO, S.A.". Each copies of the logo form what it looks like an opened 3D square. Another copy of the logo (but stretchd) flips & zooms in, as it changes size to the fitting size, and it pixelates. It then slowly zooms in.

Technique: The background, the logos rotating & zooming in allegedly.

Music/Sounds: A snippet of "Celeste" by Cliff Richard, with a bunch of whooshes.

Availability: Can be seen on some of their releases. [Examples?]

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