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Logo: On a gradient blue background, three 'C's (one red, one blue and the other one green) flip in. The C's are viewed laying down, then they rotate vertically as suddenly we zoom in through all 3 C's. after the C's dissepear, the same 3 C's appear via a Telepictures roller coaster-esque zoom. "Presents" appears below the 3 C's. The finished logo looks like this:


Variant: An in-credit version of the logo exists. It has the print logo at the center (with it's colors), with the company's phone number at the top and the slogan "Quality Entertainment for the Whole Family" at the bottom.

Technique: 3D CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: A happy 15-note fanfare.

Availibility: Seen on family-friendly Christian videos and DVDs.

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