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Cosmocrypt is a Spanish quality system that enhances DivX releases. Nothing else is known about this company.

(June 21, 2000?-2005?)

Logo: The logo starts off the same as the THX "Broadway" trailer except the gray, beveled text is shown reading

Digitally mastered
for optimal video
and DivX performance

After the text fades out, a second later, the text "DIGITAL RIP" and "MASTERED" pops up above and below respectively. Suddenly, the 3D text "COSMOCRYPT" in a symbol-like font flips in vertically, the Greek letter "Ψ" scrolls from above and a purple lens flare fades in behind the teal text. During this sequence, the blue box disappears and once the symbol and the text meet together, they slowly zoom out for the rest of the logo without stopping as it fades out.

Technique: CGI animation for the text fading in, appearing, and rotating.

Music/Sounds: Same as the DVD/VHS/LaserDisc version of the 1984 THX logo.

Availability: Ultra rare. As mentioned in the background, there is no information about the company or what type of releases has this logo. From all known info regarding Cosmocrypt, it can be seen on European DivX discs from the early 2000's. The logo was recently found on a Spanish release of Paul McCartney: Live at the Cavern Club and might possibly appear on a 2004 Spanish DivX release of Outland and a German disc of Documents Interdits.

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