Coruma International Ltd.

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Twilit Sunset

(Early-mid 2000s?)

Coruma International Ltd.png

Logo: We briefly wander through a cave (in a manner not dissimilar to the beginning of the Stonegold Production logo) until we find the name "CORUMA", in red, 3D and bordered in silver, lying on the cave's floor. We then fly by the name as glowing stars are emitted from it before we cut to a fly-through of what appears to be an underground tunnel before we cut again to see the Earth, which is surrounded by white rotating rings and a few planets, in front of exploding fireworks on a night sky. We then see red, yellow and blue ribbons continually glide around the Earth as the letters from the name "CORUMA" from earlier place themselves in the center of the screen while squashing and stretching vertically. The word "International", in white, then appears letter-by-letter very quickly under the name before ""Ltd., in the same stylization, slides in from the right. The animation of the logo then freezes for a few seconds before we fade to black.

Technique: Mostly done in CGI animation, possibly accompanied by live-action footage for the fireworks.

Music/Sounds: A chill, almost smooth jazz-esque theme featuring a guitar and a saxophone. Accompanied by windy and sci-fi whooshing sound effects.

Availability: Seen on at least one movie, which is Family Wealth. It may also appear on the company's other productions in the early to mid 2000s, some examples including Magic Love, Another Bondage and its sequel and Across the River and its sequel, though this has not been confirmed. It is additionally not known if this logo appears on Ojuju Calabar, released in 2015.

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