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Copperheart Entertainment is a Toronto-based film and television production company established by producer Steven Hoban. The company also runs an animation division.

(September 6, 2007-)

Logo: On a black background, the screen fades into a dark golden minecave where a silhouette of a guy is shown digging up copper nearby, as the camera pulls back to reveal many mechanics and gears surrounding the area. It's then revealed to be that we were inside a heart-shaped vault tinted in gold, as a golden light flickers on the front as it pulls back onto a black background. As it does so, the company logo rotates in from the right as it flickers; with the logo done in an Art Deco style similar to that of the Lucasfilm Ltd. logo. There are symbols resembling that of French curves between "COPPERHEART", which is arched and has the Canadian maple leaf in gold at the very top. Once the logo settles into its position, the flickering and heart-shaped vault fade out and we see the full view of the logo as it shines.


  • There is a prototype version where the wordmark is smaller and pans counter-clockwise (ala the CBS/Fox Video 4th logo) in a fast motion; as it briefly shines and zooms out.
  • A shortened warp-speed version exists.
  • For the company's animation division, the logo is brighter and the below text reads "ANIMATION".
  • Sometimes, the logo is shown still or in-credit.
  • A zoomed-out version exists.

Technique: CGI animation done by Bob Crossman and Neil Burns.

Music/Sounds: Mechanical and gear sounds throughout, alongside the sounds of copper briefly being dug up at the start. A film projector running sound is heard when the text rotates and flickers, but stops after it is shown in its full view.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • The prototype version has a whoosh when the logo is panning and a brief ominious sound when it shines.
  • Otherwise, it uses the opening/closing theme or none.
  • The shortened version has the audio slightly abridged.


  • Seen on projects produced by the company such as Young People F***ing, Splice, 388 Arletta Avenue, Haunter, Wolves, Debug, A Christmas Horror Story, and In the Tall Grass.
  • The Animation version is rare, and was only seen on Paradise and The Spine.
  • It also appears on the miniseries Darknet and the series The Peripheral.
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