Contender Films

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Contender Films was the theatrical division of the Contender Entertainment Group formed in 2005 to distribute movies theatrically, mostly acquisions.

In March 2009, Contender Films rebranded under the E1 Entertainment/eOne name, as with its parent company, and simply used the company's regular logos after that.


Logo: Same as the 2005 Contender Entertainment Group logo, namely the Contender Home Entertainment variant, but below the "CONTENDER" text is the words "FILMS" under it.

Technique: Same as the Contender Entertainment Group logo.

Music/Sounds: Same as the Contender Entertainment Group logo.

Availability: Uncommon, it was featured on many theatrical movies from the company such as New Police Story, Twilight (the home media release does not feature this logo as it came out after the rebranding to E1 Entertainment) and The Escapist.

  • It was also used as a de-facto home video logo in place of the Contender Home Entertainment logo on home video releases of their movies.
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