Condor Video Home Producciones S.R.L.

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Archivo RaroVHS

(Late 1980s-Early 1990s)


Logo: On a dark blue background, we see, on a gray grid background and inside a white rounded rectangle, the logo for the company, which consists of a brown "condor" (which is actually the bald eagle design from the United States Postal Service logo used from 1970 to 1993) on top of yellow stylized text reading "CONDOR", which is on top of more text, in black and separated by two lines on the top and bottom, reading "VIDEO HOME", which, in turn, is on top of yet more text, in black, reading "Producciones SRL", fly up and left from the bottom-right of the screen while flipping before reaching the center of the screen and remaining still. After a brief moment, the image then moves backwards and flips more while moving upwards before flying down. The logo then reappears, leaping up from the bottom-right of the screen and to the top-left side of the screen before moving back to the center of the screen and, after another brief moment, exiting in a reverse version of the same animation. The logo then appears once more, stretching out from the left side of the screen before abruptly disappearing and swooping down from the top-center of the screen. This animation repeats once before the logo shrinks back from the left side of the screen, and, on a background that's a lighter shade of blue, the text, in a white outlined font, "PRESENTA" is typed out.

Technique: Primitive computer animation.

Music/Sounds: A snippet of the opening of "In This Country" by Robin Zander.

Availability: Unknown. It might be found on Argentine VHS releases of Night Wars, The Story of Chinese Gods and Cuesta Abajo that were distributed by them.

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