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Logo: On a purple background with lavender-colored childish drawings of suns, triangles, cubes, flowers, and ice cream cones, a yellow computer mouse character rolls in on its orange tracking ball. It then gets stopped by it's own tail stuck against the wall, and is disappointed about it. Struggling to pull it out, it eventually does, but becomes a ball and rolls offscreen, only to roll in from the other side. As it stops, it rotates around once, revealing the black text "COMPEDIA" curved underneath it. As it rests, it then says the company name and smiles.


  • An URL is usually seen below it, in a varying yellow font. It may either refer to Compedia's own website URL or Compedia USA's website URL.
  • An later version has the entire thing redrawn and recolored to look cleaner, and the "COMPEDIA" text is not revealed when the mouse flips around. Instead, a white cloud-like blob fades in, with a blue oval under the mouse and "Compedia" either in English or Hebrew, in a blue font that's jumbled up and gets smaller with each letter (this is reversed in the Hebrew language). The mouse morphs into the one on the print logo at the time, forming the print logo.

Technique: The mouse's animation, the logo transformation in the later version.

Music/Sounds: A soft xylophone tune when the mouse is rolling, which is abruptly stopped by an "ooh" noise. A 2-note whistle chiptune plays when the mouse gets detached from the wall, and a bongo beat when the mouse rotates. A held out synth note then plays as the mouse says "Compedia." in a high-pitched voice.

Availability: Uncommon. Can be seen on a lot of their products at the time. The later version can be seen on mostly reprints.

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