Comedy Central On Demand

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1st Logo (2012-2018)


Logo: It's similar to the 11th Comedy Central Productions logo, but the logo is mainly in black and white and is switching in negatives at some points, causing a "strobe light" effect. When we zoom into the trademark logo, the background flashes in orange and a second Comedy Central logo zooms in. We zoom in again and see the Comedy Central logo fully revealed. After a few seconds, the Comedy Central trademark logo zooms into the screen, with the letters spinning, as the background flashes again with orange.

Technique: The rapid zoom-ins and flashing colors.

Music/Sounds: A distorted bass sounder.

Availability: Common. It can be seen on Comedy Central shows on demand, especially on online prints from Hulu and iTunes. Oddly enough, the Victorious (which aired on Nickelodeon) episode "How Trina Got In" on Netflix has this logo at the beginning.

2nd Logo (2018- )

Logo: There are two different variants:
  • 2018-2019: On a white background, the same C logo from before flies down into place, with "COMEDY CENTRAL" in a different font next to it, scrolling (the text also scrolls, looping) before stopping in the middle as the background changes to black.
  • 2019-: The looping text from 2018 scrolls down the screen on the same white background, before stopping at the same position as last time. The text recedes back into the C, which then zooms into the center of the screen.

Technique: 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: A techno theme, which is extended in the 2019 version.

Availability: Current. It currently is used in most Comedy Central shows and some MTV shows on Paramount+.