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CollegeHumor is an Internet comedy company originally founded in December 1999 in New York as a humor website by Josh Abramson and Ricky Van Veen (with help from Jakob Lodwick). It was owned by InterActiveCorp until January 2020, when IAC withdrew funding, causing the website to shut down. CollegeHumor is currently owned by Sam Reich, who has previously served as President of Original Content at the company, and helped move CollegeHumor from New York to Los Angeles, California in 2014. The company also operates the video game-focused off-shoot Dorkly, and the Dropout streaming service.

1st Logo (October 23, 2006-October 1, 2007)


  • Opening: On a light green background with a splat on it, we see a joker's face (wearing a graduation cap) moving back and forth like a beating heart. Under the joker's face is "CollegeHumor" in its trademark cursive-like font. Under that is "PRESENTS" in a bold font. The joker's face then turns and zooms up close to the screen as the camera gets splat with black ink.
  • Closing: Just the CollegeHumor website logo on a black background.


  • Sometimes, "CollegeHumor Originals" is shown below.
  • On skits made by the sketch comedy group Elephant Larry, "ELEPHANT LARRY" replaces "PRESENTS".
  • On season 1 of Street Fighter: The Later Years, a pixelated version of the closing logo (without ".com") is used, which shines briefly. This is a parody of the 1st Capcom logo.

Technique: 2D animation.


  • Opening: A four-beat breakbeat tune.
  • Closing: A voice shouting "HO!"

Availability: First used on Flipping Off Hot Girls and last used on Minesweeper - The Movie.

2nd Logo (October 15, 2007-March 4, 2009)


  • Opening: We zoom towards a CRT TV in a dark environment tuning in to a blurred tricolor image of the joker from before, but outlined and the lower half of his face obscured by a CRT TV with "CHTV" on its screen. The TV's screen lights up and the logo appears on a brown background, with "COLLEGEHUMOR ORIGINAL VIDEOS" sliding up underneath. The logo then fades out via a "dust" transition.
  • Closing: We see the CHTV logo with "SEE MORE ORIGINAL VIDEOS AT..." above and the website URL below.

Technique: 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: A breakbeat entry with a hiss when the screen turns off. The closing is the same as before.

Availability: First used on the Clock Suckers episode "Stinkin' Whores" and last used on the Condomned episode "Ninja Condoms?"

3rd Logo (March 16, 2009-January 13, 2011)


  • Opening: On a faded blue background, we zoom out to see multiple TV screens arranged in 3x3 turning on to show parts of the CollegeHumor logo, which now also has "ORIGINALS" on a red jagged rectangle written on its bottom-right. The camera then turns and zooms out rapidly to show more TV screens with the logo on them, while a strong flash of light appears in the center. These screens then arrange themselves into uneven lines, which scroll through very fast. When the last screen goes out of view, the CollegeHumor Originals logo zooms in quickly, then continues to pan until the screen "burns away".
  • Closing: We see the logo with a light behind it and "SEE MORE ORIGINAL VIDEOS AT..." and the website URL below.

Variants: A rare zoomed-in version can be seen at the end of the Jake and Amir episode "Ground Rules"

Technique: CGI.

Music/Sounds: A bass guitar riff followed by a rapid techno beat with faint gibberish and a bang, then flickering. The closing has two short bass guitar riffs.

Availability: First used on Inappropriate DirectHD Commercials and last used on the Hello My Name Is episode "Perry Martin".

4th Logo (January 14, 2011-March 8, 2013)


  • Opening: The word "ORIGINALS" slides in from the right on a rectangle, which then slides out while the CollegeHumor wordmark flickers above "ORIGINALS", then appears permanently. A purple circle briefly appears, then "ORIGI" fills in half in color, switching with "NALS", while a still of a growling bear appears in the top-right in a white triangle. The purple circle reappears, then the triangle expands to the top third of the screen. The bottom third gets occupied by a moving-left sorting of colored slanted lines, while "ORIGINALS" flickers out in the middle third.
  • Closing: We see the all-white logo still on a gray gradient background with "SEE MORE ORIGINAL VIDEOS AT" and the website URL in all-caps below.

Variants: The overall color scheme, the word "ORIGINALS" flickers to and the actions happening in the top-third differ depending on the type of video/show the logo appears on.

  • Sketch: The main color is blue, and in the top third, the bear "sinks" and a shark's fin appears moving along.
  • Animation/Cartoons: The main color is green, and in the top third, a three-image cartoon of two men appears. The left man hands a dynamite to the other, and covers his ears. Instead of the dynamite however, the man explodes, while the other looks unenthusiastically. The "Cartoons" variant has the words slightly widened.
  • Music Video: The main color is purple, and in the top third, an animated purple boombox blasting notes is seen.
  • Jake & Amir: The main color is red, and in the top third, Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld are seen. Amir yells into Jake's ears, who covers them while Amir grins.
  • Troopers: The main color is dark gray, and in the top third, two of the troopers (Larry and Rich) are seen. One of them whispers something to the other, and while we don't see their faces, it appears the other trooper is shamed.
  • Bleep Bloop: The main color is light gray, and in the top third, the show's co-hosts (Jeff Rubin and Pat Cassels) are seen.
  • Full Benefits: The main color is dark gray like the Troopers variant, and in the top third, the show's main characters (played by Sarah Schneider and David Young) are seen, who are about to kiss each other. Realizing that they are watched by the viewer, Sarah tries to cover the act.
  • Hardly Working: The main color is yellow, and in the top third, two/three of the show's characters are seen, which changes with every picture.

Technique: 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: A complex breakbeat theme. The closing is the same as before.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • Some of the variants described above remix the second half of the theme.
    • Animation/Cartoons: The theme is played on higher-pitch synths.
    • Jake & Amir: The theme is remixed to include more breaks.
    • Bleep Bloop: The theme is rendered with video game sounds.
    • Hardly Working: Same as the Jake & Amir variant, but more of the normal theme is incorporated.
  • Some episodes of Jake & Amir have the normal theme in full, with a soundbite from the show playing over it.

Availability: First used on If Movies Had Internet and last used on the Dinosaur Office episode "Traffic".

5th Logo (March 12, 2013-June 21, 2018)


  • Opening: TBA.
  • Closing: We see the "CH" monogram in a close-up, which then cuts to a smaller size.


  • On Adam Ruins Everything webisodes, only the CollegeHumor logo is formed at the end, as it segues to the show's intro.
  • On Quickies, the logo plays in warp-speed and "ORIGINALS" is replaced with "QUICKIES". It also cuts off instead of animating.

Technique: 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: A remixed version of the theme from before. The closing has a synth "turn off" suond.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • On Adam Ruins Everything webisodes, the music cuts off earlier than usual, immediately followed by the show's intro tune.
  • On Quickies, the music is double-pitched.

Availability: First used on Homeland RPG and last used on Can You Throw Our Ball Back?.

6th Logo (June 23, 2018-)


  • Opening: TBA.
  • Closing: Same as before, but the monogram is white and the background is blue.

Variants: Like with the 2011 logo, the overall color scheme and the word forming next to the CollegeHumor logo differ depending on the type of video the logo appears on.

  • Sketch: TBA.
    • On Adam Ruins Everything webisodes since 2019, this variant is seen with only the CollegeHumor logo forming at the end. Pre-2019 webisodes use the regular variant.
  • Unscripted: TBA.
  • Series: TBA.
  • Podcast: TBA.

Technique: 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: A ding with rising whirring, followed by an upbeat breakbeat tune.

Availability: First used on ABC CEO: "No More Racist Shows" and has been seen on most CollegeHumor content since, although in recent years, it slowly became exclusive to content offered on the Dropout streaming service.

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