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Editions by
MizukiAccent48 (Promise Frontier)

Video captures courtesy of
Damien L, WEM유태광, Random Guy Productions, Mister Suitcase, Wilkins Guy, Rebecca Turner


Logo: On a blue space background, there is a red ribbon in a circle, reminiscent of the MGM logo. The letters "CF" are seen on a small blue section below the ribbon. Inside, there is an elephant violently bobbing its head on a sunny sky for about five seconds before it freezes, as various colored light rays appear spinning in behind the ribbons. The Thai text "โคลีเซี่ยมฟิล์ม" (translating to the company name) then appears below the ribbon, before the elephant freezes. The light rays keep spinning before they stop.


  • Sometimes, the logo would be darker due to film deterioration.
  • On Police of the Steel ("ตำรวจเหล็ก"), the logo is in Techniscope, the background is now black and the sun-rays are more brighter.

Technique: Live-action and simple practical effects.

Music/Sounds: A loud stock triumphant fanfare (which is the Space 1999 theme), with the roars from the elephant. Sometimes, it used more furious roars than the original logo (sometimes with a male announcer).

Availability: Rare. Was seen on Phayak Yikae, Kha Ma Kab Phra, Iron Police ("ตะวันเพลิง"), Police of the Steel ("ตำรวจเหล็ก"), and The Mountain Lion.

Legacy: This gained infamy as one of the scariest Southeast Asian logos due to the elephant's menacing look and uncanny motions, alongside the loud fanfare. You may have also noticed that someone is moving the elephant. You can also see the top of its trunk sits on its head at the beginning of the logo, then falls down and forms a loop. It's plausible that the elephant in the logo is a puppet.

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