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Codemasters Software Company Limited is one of the oldest British game publishers, founded in 1986. They also have their own development studio (Southam) and a pair of subsidiaries in Malaysia and Birmingham, UK. One more studio in Guildford was closed in 2011. In 2008 Codemasters acquired Sega Racing Studio. In November 2020, Codemasters announced they would be acquired by Take-Two Interactive Software in an offer around $994 million; however, Electronic Arts quickly outbid them at $1.2 billion, a deal Codemasters ultimately agreed to. The acquisition is expected to complete in 2021.

1st Logo (1986-1993)

Codemasters (1990).jpeg

Logo: We see the blue circle with a yellow outline. "Code Masters" is written inside in fancy yellow font. Below, we can read "THE FUN STARTS HERE" made in relief italics (sometimes replaced with "CODEMASTERS Ltd.").

Variant: On some games like Fantastic Dizzy for NES, against a purple background "Code" flies from the bottom-left corner while "Masters" does the same way but in the opposite direction, forming to read "Code Masters", then the circle, the slogan "ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!" and the copyright notice fade in. Sometimes there's "CODEMASTERS" above the logo fading in at the same time with the circle behind the name, the slogan and the copyright notice.

Technique: None. The logo forming in the variant.

Music/Sounds: None. The sweeping noise and a synth drone abruptly cut off by a synth clang in the variant.

Availability: Seen on earlier games released by the company.

2nd Logo (1993-1994)

Logo: On a magenta background we see the text "CODEMASTERS" in white, flipping in letter-by-letter. Beneath two words composing



slide from left and right sides, join under each other and shine. A copyright stamp fades in below.

Variant: On Fantastic Dizzy, depending on the platforms:

  • Genesis: Dizzy (the egg-like protagonist) runs across the top portion of the screen from left to right while the company name appears.
  • Game Gear and Sega Master System: Almost the same as the Genesis version, but with "Absolutely Brilliant!", albeit in one line and beveled without the exclamation point, is already formed and shines anyway.

Technique: Simple effects of rotating, sliding and shining. Though this is indeed an effort for Sega Genesis. Dizzy running by in the Fantastic Dizzy variant.

Music/Sounds: The intro to the game or none. On Fantastic Dizzy, again, depending on the platforms:

  • Sega Genesis: an echoing synth bell glissando.
  • Game Gear and Master System: a messy warbling synth.

Availability: Uncommon. Seen on Pete Sampras Tennis, Sink or Swim, Cosmic Spacehead, Micro Machines and other games for Genesis and Game Gear.

3rd Logo (1994-1996)

Codemasters (1994).jpeg

Logo: On a dark purple background, we see a white oval banner with the white text "Codemasters" inside next to the custom CM initials. The white text "Published by" appears above in hand-written font.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Seen on Psycho Pinball and Shane Warne Cricket. Also appeared on Micro Machines 2 and Micro Machines: Military.

4th Logo (1995)

Codemasters (1995).jpeg

Logo: Just the common black banner with Codemasters logo over a gradient purple background.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Seen on the PC versions of Psycho Pinball and Micro Machines 2. Also appeared on Super Skidmarks.

5th Logo (1997-1999)

Codemasters (1997).jpeg

Logo: On a purple isometric surface, many 3D letters jump around into position, forming the word "Codemasters". A black outline appears around and forms the banner, making all other space colored, and the CM zooms to the right. The white words "pure gameplay" are seen below.

Technique: The letters jumping, sign zooming in.

Music/Sounds: A bunch of weird treading sounds.

Availability: Appeared on many PlayStation and Windows games, like Micro Machines V3, MTV Music Generator and Colin McRae Rally.

6th Logo (April 7, 2000-June 27, 2006)

Codemasters (2006).jpeg

Logo: There is a blue-colored informational space with a horizontal line hanging. The molecule zooms, spinning around the line. We see the word "GENIUS" on its center. The action continues with "AT" and "PLAY" words forming "GENIUS AT PLAY". Then the Codemasters shield is formed with a ripple effect. The background slowly clears to black.

Technique: Animated molecules and forming logo.

Variant: A short version exists.

Music/Sounds: The rotation sounds with a lot of computer effect, then a computerized voice says "Codemasters". Sometimes, there is no voice.

Availability: Common. Seen on Colin McRae Rally series (except the first game), Micro Maniacs Racing, Micro Machines V4 and Heroes of the Pacific.

7th Logo (2006-2007)

Logo: We see the Codemasters logo zoom up to the screen. When it gets close enough, it zooms back to a further distance.

Technique: The logo zooming.

Music/Sounds: A whoosh.

Availability: Unknown. Appears on the Codemasters YouTube channel.

8th Logo (2007-)

Logo: We see the letter "c" zooming in and the letter "m" zooming out. They join together and the word "codemasters" appears below.

Technique: The letters coming near, joining and shining. Simple but good-looking.

Music/Sounds: Zooming and joining sounds. For Dirt, the sound of working car engines. For Jericho, a sound of splashing.

Availability: The standard version is seen on Overlord, Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, and other games. This does not appear on F1 2010 (instead appears a logo for their EGO Game Engine).

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