Cockney Rebels Specials

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Little Whore Records


Logo: On a black background, the neon pink cursive text "COCKney Rebels" with "Specials" below zooms out from the right, leaving trails behind it. We then cut to a purple four-square outline, the blank spaces of which are then filled with pictures of a woman (Linzi Drew) scantily-clad in a swimsuit seductively posing to the camera. Then, we cut back to the text again, which is suddenly tilted and zooming in and out in a frantic fashion.

Technique: Early computer effects, and what seems to be live action at the end.

Music/Sounds: Starts with a disco beat that sounds similar to the intro of "Blue Monday", then a descending synth effect that repeats four times, before the beat and descending sound are merged together at once, rapidly repeating.

Availability: Very rare. Seen on their only few releases, Wrong Time Wrong Place, Werewolf Woman, and The Last Angels. It's also likely each of them has a different logo variant.

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