Claverly One Productions

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Broken Saw


This is the vanity card of Tom Gammill and Max Pross, the creators of Great Scott!.

(October 4-November 29, 1992)

Note: The first video had the first variant appear on 0:29.

Logo: On a peaceful-looking night with a crescent moon, we have a cold gray body of water, which takes up half the screen. In the water we see the company name written in black; the "C" in "CLAVERLY" and "E" in "ONE" are slightly larger than the other letters, forming sort of a border around the word "PRODUCTIONS" which is smaller, spaced out and on the bottom. Above the water, a small animation plays featuring the silhouettes of two men. A spotlight briefly shines over everything, which changes the color of the text to white.

Variants: There are six known variants total (one for each episode of the series).

  • "Pilot": Only the men having a swim in the normal variant.
  • "Hair Scare": The men are clinging onto a buoy for dear life, sharks circling around them. The buoy rocks side to side.
  • "Choir Mire": The men are on a boat. Said boat has sprung a leak, and the men are throwing water overboard with buckets.
  • "Stone Moan": The men are attacked by a huge cephalopod, which glares at us.
  • "Stripe Gripe": The men are being sucked into a whirlpool, which has a reflection of the moon on it.
  • "Pyrrhic Lyric": Similar to the "Pilot" variant, but the men are being attacked by seagulls.

Technique: Everything.

Music/Sounds: The men make noise depending on what's happening to them, such as screaming. Music and additional sound effects may be heard in some variants.

Availability: Seen on Great Scott!, which originally aired from October 4 to November 29, 1992 on FOX. 13 episodes were produced, but only six aired in the U.S. before being cancelled. All episodes were known to have aired on RTL2 in Germany, but not much is known about the variants for the other episodes.

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