Class Video

From Audiovisual Identity Database

Descriptions by
SnowflakesOmega and rj4712

Editions by
Sigmall, Nightspears, vhslogos, Cat124 and RSX-798

Video captures courtesy of

(Late 1980s-Early 1990s)

Logo: On a yellow crystal background, we see the letters "CL SS" wipe in and move to the right. Then the letters "IDEO" wipe in from below and move left. Two stylized characters "A" and "V" (the Vs actually the same "A" but upside down) also wipe in and move to form the words "CLASS" and "VIDEO". After a few seconds, the logo moves down and disappears with some effects.

Technique: Basic chyron effects.

Music/Sounds: A calming piano theme, which turns into a slow rock music complete with drums and acoustic bass.

Availability: Extremely rare. Was seen on VHS Argentina prints of Todo Por una Bombacha, Presagio, Lo que el Oeste se Llevo, Virilidad, Juan Moreira, Patrick: Una experiencia alucinante, Los superagentes no se rompen, and La aventura de los paraguas asesinos.

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