Cinerama 4

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(Mid 1980's)


Logo: On a spinning space background, we see the Earth spinning and zooming. It stops zooming and divides to two. one going on left-top, and one going on right-bottom below. The earths are still spinning and reveal "CINERAMA" and the hebrew text. Until got in places, the A and the hebrew form into a curved line, as they connect together and forming a flare or a flash. Until the flash reveals a "4". The earths and the space are still spinning.

Technique: The space, the zooming of the Earth, the splitting and the words, the glow of 4. Pretty nice animation for the 80's though.

Music/Sounds: A harmony tune with flutes, all over, and a high note of the flash of the 4.

Availability: Very rare and uncommon. It can be seen on Hebrew releases of the time.

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