Cinema Institute of Mostazafan Foundation

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(February 1, 1987)

Logo: On a black background, a tricolored flower with a trail effect rises up from the bottom to the top portion of the screen. The trail eventually disappears as it reaches to the top, followed by a filmstrip wiping in upwards and then spins counter-clockwise to make contact with the flower, also leaving a trail. The filmstrip grows longer and encloses the flower completely, forming the stem of the tricolored flower. The filmstrip flower then slowly zooms outwards to reveal the Farsi text:

مؤسسه سینمایی بنیاد مستضعفان
تقدیم میکند

in turquoise, and as it fades in, the entire flower turns into turquoise.

Technique: A combination of 2D animation and scanimation.

Music/Sounds: A majestic orchestral fanfare.

Availability: Can be seen on the Iranian film Telesm.

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