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Cinedigm Digital Cinema is a subsidiary of Cinedigm Entertainment that creates technologies for movie theaters.

(Early 2008-)

Cinedigm Digital Cinema (2008).jpg

Logo: On a black BG with a gray floor, a green sun and green, purple, and orange rays form in the middle and pan to the left for the text saying, "Cinedigm" to fade in. After the logo forms, a male voiceover says "Cinedigm. A new paradigm in cinema." Then, the logo zooms into the e in the word "Cinedigm" and then fades out.

Technique: Great CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: A series of loud whooshes, followed by a shining sound and a male voiceover saying "Cinedigm. A new paradigm in cinema."

Availability: Currently seen in some theaters that use their products. Other theaters use the Cinedigm Entertainment logo.

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