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According to the company's history found on DVD releases till 2004, Cine Net (later also known as Delerno Audio Visual) was initially founded in 1986, as a subsidiary of Universal Corporation, which had its base headquarters in Athens, and counterpart ones in Rome and Los Angeles. In the 1990s, Cine Net would partake in event from MIFET, MIPCOM, and AFMA, regarding audiovisual enterprises. In 1996, the company started operating a 10-year project, which would include releases of children's magazines about cartoon sketches, known as Τα Πιτσιρίκια. The company would start releasing DVDs (including small shops) in 2001. In some of its early releases, Alfa Zita Productions would contribute as the DVD Authoring studio, while in later ones under the CARTOON DVD label, AZ Soundstudios would be the DVD Authoring studio. In releases under the JUNIOR D.V.D. label, Arcadia Entertainment would be the DVD and VCD author. Most of the company's releases would suffer from tropes seen in other third-party companies of that kind, including illustrated artwork that's not dependent on the actual product, and sometimes makes the product look like it's copying well-known Disney films (notable examples being the Aladdin and Pinocchio releases), as well as references to compilations of episodes from animated series, as full-length movies. Also, most of the labels on the discs would mention the English title of the movie featured. The company started also making use of VCDs for further releases, in the mid-2000s. The company would receive distribution rights from others, such as Whamo Entertainment (Burbank Animation Studios films under their television formats), PorchLight Entertainment, Liberation Entertainment, Carrere Group and Arcadia Entertainment. The original logo for its label, CARTOON DVD, would depict a duck, which is about to break some discs cases. The logo would later change to an alien creature breaking discs with a hammer. The final logo for the label, which was re-named to JUNIOR the mid-2000s, would depict Raindrop, the titular character of Rain Drop: Water Is Adventure, a series which would be released by the company on DVD, prior the label being re-named. Αnother label used for some of its releases was Smart DVD. The company has been inactive since the mid-2010s.

1st Logo (2001-2003)

Cartoon DVD-Cine Net Ent. (2001-2003) part 1.jpg
Cartoon DVD-Cine Net Ent. (2001-2003) part 2.jpg

Logo: "" is tossed in, and placed on the top of the screen. Underneath it, "" (PRESENTS) is enlarged towards the front. Underneath the two, the CARTOON D.V.D. logo (depicting a duck with a red pullover in a white background, that's about tp brake a home media system with a black hammer, and the words inside a red rectangle that's under said white box) fades in, and then, red light fades in for a few seconds, and fades out around it. The logo and "" fade out, " is whirled out, and the text "" (IN HIGH AESTHETICS DUBBED CARTOONS) is enlarged towards the front.

Technique: The way the text either whirls in, gets enlarged, or fades in/out. The latter is also used for the logo.

Music/Sounds: The beginning of the All-New Dennis the Menace theme song (a variant of Mozart's Marriage of Figaro overture).

Availability: Scarce. Found in Cartoon DVD releases at the time, as well as (surprisingly enough) VHS releases by Cine Net, under the "Video Gallery" label.

2nd Logo (2003-2005)

Logo: On a white and light blue streak background, the words "Η CINENET ENTERTAINMENT" appear letter-by-letter in blue. The words "ΠΑΡΟΥΣΙΑΖΕΙ ΤΗΝ", also in blue, do the same below. The words move up a bit, as a red box with a white square showing a green alien-like creature with a big toothy grin, squinted eyes, red shorts, blue sneakers, insect-like antennae and a gold earring on its ear holding a DVD in one hand and a hammer in the other, with another DVD and a broken one below him, with the words "CARTOON DVD" (with the O's being cartoon eyes looking to the bottom-right corner) in yellow with a blue border and two stars to the left and right of "DVD" zooms in. After a while, the Cartoon DVD logo zooms back to the top-left corner, zooming in gradually, as the words "ΣΕ ΥΨΗΛΗΣ ΑΙΣΘΗΤΙΚΗΣ ΜΕΤΑΓΛΩΤΤΙΣΜΕΝΑ ΚΙΝΟΥΜΕΝΑ ΣΧΕΔΙΑ" (IN HIGH AESTHETICS DUBBED CARTOONS) appear letter-by-letter before they disappear and the rest of the logo fades out.

Technique: The words typing in, the logo appearing, the logo moving back and zooming, the logo fading out.

Music/Sounds: Same as the previous logo, with an announcer saying "Cartoon DVD, υψηλής αισθητικής μεταγλωττισμένα κινούμενα σχέδια για μικρούς και μεγάλους" (High aesthetics dubbed cartoons for children and grown-ups).

Availability: Scarce. Found in Cartoon DVD releases at the time.

3rd logo (2005-2008)

Junior DVD logo (2005-2008).jpg
Junior DVD logo (2005-2008) part 1.jpg

Logo: The opening from the first episode of Rain Drop: Water Is Adventure is shown. The text "JUNIOR D.V.D." appears on the middle of the screen horizontally, every 6-10 seconds, for 4 seconds; said logo whirls in while unundulating, and fades out. When Raindrop shows up, the video freezes; the logo for the JUNIOR D.V.D. label shows up, and the texts "Η JUNIOR D.V.D." upside, and "ΠΑΡΟΥΣΙΑΖΕΙ" (PRESENTS) downside, whirl in.


  • While in releases like that of Leif Ericson: The Boy who Discovered America the logo is shown separately from the warning text before, in others like the one of Jungle Book (1990) in 2008 and all the VCD ones, the logo is "glued" with the warning text before it, as well as a bit after the logo, that shows the cover of the DVD/VCD release through a random effect, while children are heard cheering.

Technique: The animation, the "JUNIOR D.V.D." text spinning in and fading out after 4 seconds, the logo for the JUNIOR D.V.D.label zooming in and zooming out a bit, the texts "Η JUNIOR D.V.D." and "ΠΑΡΟΥΣΙΑΖΕΙ" spinning in.

Music/Sounds: The instrumental score for the theme song of Rain Drop: Water Is Adventure.

Availability: Very rare.

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