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Cinépix Film Properties (previously known as Cinépix, Inc.) was founded in 1962 as an independent producer/distributor, and was based in Montreal. Its assets included a 56% stake in animation company CinéGroupe. In 1997, Cinépix was purchased by Canadian financier Frank Giustra and was renamed to "Lions Gate Films" on January 12, 1998.


Nickname: "Spinning CFP/Cinépix"

Logo: On an evening sky background above with water below (a la Atlantis Films), we see the sun setting. Then, the silver words "CFP" (in the CFP corporate font (a slim variation of the Adobe Revue font)) slowly rises out of to the water to face us. Then it spins and changes into "CiNEPiX" in the same font. Finally, "FILM PROPERTIES" fades in underneath "CiNEPiX" at the right corner.

Variant: A videotaped version exists with a more bluish hue instead of green and brown.

FX/SFX: "CFP" rising from the water. The "CFP" spinning transition.

Music/Sounds: A spacey synth tune with a saw-blade-like note as "CFP" rises from the water, which takes on a more majestic, orchestral tone as "CFP" changes into "CiNEPiX", and finally a tubular bell toll as "FILM PROPERTIES" fades in. It is almost similar in arrangement to the C/FP Distribution music.

Availability: Uncommon, bordering on rare. Seen on Canadian CFP video releases with the sentence "DISTRIBUTED EXCLUSIVELY BY CFP etc...", as well on theatrical releases of the era such as Johnny Skidmarks. While this is plastered on a regular basis with any of the Lionsgate logos on most current releases (sometimes with the logo theme intact oddly), it is retained on some Canadian Lions Gate DVDs of films such as Baby on Board (1992), Silent Trigger, Nemesis 4: Death Angel, and The Peacekeeper. This is also on streaming prints of Texas Chainsaw: The Next Generation (but not the DVDs, even though they use the same master).

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