ChoiceMark Corp.

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Matthew Mayfield ME


Logo: On a white background, the 3-D blue words "ChoiceMark" in Mistral, flies in from the right bottom towards the middle of the screen and rotates itself in its place. As this happens, a black line with the white text "Exceptional Value - Direct to You" flies in from the left bottom and rotates itself below the "ChoiceMark". As the company name shines, a 3D pink paintball flies in from the left and splatters next to the name. After a moment, the phone number "1-800-663-5011" (in white with shadow effects) fades in below.

Trivia: The phone number shown in the logo apparently now leads to a jewellery manufacturer.

Technique: The flying of the words, the paintball, the number fading in. Standard early 90s computer animation.

Music/Sounds: The 1986 Simitar Entertainment theme. Simitar was based in Plymouth, MN, while ChoiceMark was based in Amherst, NY, so it was likely that ChoiceMark used Simitar's logo theme without the company's consent.

Availability: Seen on 90s VHS tapes from the company, one of which is Pro Football Funnies from 1994.

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