Cherry Pie Productions

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Descriptions by
Michael Bass

Captures by
Eric S.

Video captures courtesy of
Eric S.


This is Alex Gansa's vanity card.

1st Logo (September 19, 2001-May 1, 2002, October 2, 2011)

Logo: On a mostly cloudy sky background, we see a cherry drop in on top of a logo arranged as follows:


The "π" (obviously the Greek letter "pi") is light blue with a red border. The company name wipes in as the cherry drops.

Technique: The cherry dropping, the rest of the logo wiping in.

Music/Sounds: The end theme of Wolf Lake. On Homeland, none.

Availability: Seen on the short-lived horror series Wolf Lake which last aired on Syfy in 2011. Also appeared on the pilot episode of Homeland.

2nd Logo (October 9, 2011-April 26, 2020)

Logo: The logo is very hard to describe because each episode of Homeland shows a different still picture. The logo seen above is from the episode, "Marine One".


  • "Grace": The text "Cherry Pie Productions" is on a white background with some film effects.
  • "Representative Brody": Same as the "Grace" variant, but inverted.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: Depends on the episode.

Availability: Seen on Homeland.