Cheri Sundae Productions

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Descriptions by
Hoa and MegaAveron25

Captures by

Editions by
Mr3urious and TheRealMarcel2000

Video captures courtesy of
Plasma Storm and Starrion1220 Cartoon Channel PH The 80s Products


This is Cheri Brownlee's vanity card.

1st Logo (May 27, 2006-August 22, 2008)

Logo: On a white background, there is a cherry sundae (wearing a black glasses) with a red monster on top of the sundae holding two spoons on each of his hands, saying "Cheri Sundae!". The monster eats the sundae, makes a mess, and spits out the dot that belongs to the "i" in a script font. Underneath is the words "Cherri Sundae" in a '50s script font. On the bottom is "productions" in the American Typewriter font.

Technique: The monster eating the sundae, making a mess, and spitting out the dot.

Music/Sounds: Just the monster saying "Cheri Sundae!", followed by the sound of the mumbling while eating, followed by a "ptoo!" and a ding (however distorted somewhat) when the cherry dots the "i".

Availability: Appeared on Disorderly Conduct: Video on Patrol on Spike.

2nd Logo (February 13, 2009-)

Logo: On the white background, we see the cherry monster (but without a glasses) from the previous logo, which looks less menacing and cartoonish, adding a cherry stem on his head, holding two spoons like in the last one. He stands in front of the cherry sundae (which is animated), and performs actions from the last logo, but he does not make a mess and the cherry shines after dotting the "i". Between them are "cheri" and "sundae", both in the weird font, with "productions" below "undae" part of "sundae" in the crude script font.


  • The logo is still in the showcase video on the official website.
  • An extended version exists where a close-up of the cherry monster's mouth is closing down, then it zoom out to the finished product.

Technique: Same as the last logo, except he does not make a mess and the cherry shines after dotting the "i".

Music/Sounds: Same as the last logo, except there's a "crunch" sound and the shining sound at the beginning and the "ding" is less distorted.

Availability: Current.

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