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CheetahTV, also known as simply Cheetah, was an online release group.


Logo: On a black background, we see a soft white “glow” and, in the top-right corner, the white text “intro loading.. :>”. The “glow” focuses to reveal that it is actually a DVD with the black handwritten name of the group “Cheetah” on its bottom. Black horizontal bars then appear on the top and bottom of the screen, and the black background fades to reveal a yellow stone hallway illuminated by torches. The DVD is then surrounded by a bright blue, fiery aura and it begins to fly through the stone hallway, leaving a fiery trail as it does. As it flies through the hallway, we see white text crediting the presumed members of the group who worked on the intro fade and slide in: “3D/2D gfx: !h8`”, which appears in the bottom-right corner of the screen, and “music/sfx: shry”, which appears in the bottom-left corner. The DVD then flies into an open room with three large aquariums embedded in its walls and a pedestal with a flight of stairs and a stand that has a circular slot and, on its bottom half, a purple rectangular play button and a red stop button of the same shape in the center and a green square in its bottom-left corner. The DVD then places itself into the slot, and the play button flashes white twice before the DVD begins spinning. The camera then pans away and up to show a silver projector screen with a rough cut/background tape warning from NBC that then cuts to footage from the first episode of Joey (“Pilot”). The footage then fades to black, and the screen fades in to reveal the white, pixelated graffiti-styled text “cheetah” above the much smaller white text “tV – bETTER tHAN b4N4N4!” and a brown smiling monkey with a blue hat and yellow shirt off to the side. The text then fades away as the text “hated by:” appears in the top-left corner of the screen and the logos of CBS, Comedy Central, FOX, NBC, UPN and ABC from the time scroll from the right to the left. The text then fades away, and the white text “….enjoy!” fades in before we cut to black.

Technique: CGI and 2D animation, which is credited to an individual named !h8`.

Music/Sounds: An ominous tribal theme which then cuts to a theme with trumpets and a guitar or similar instrument which then, after the Joey footage and its accompanied audio, cuts to elevator music-styled music. The original music is credited as being made by an individual named shry.

Availability: Unknown. Seeking out the full extent of this logo’s availability on this group’s releases is not recommended due to the group’s legally dubious nature.

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