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Horror (2007)

Logo: At night, we see a blonde boy nervously watching a horror film on TV. Off-screen, a woman gets killed by a murderer through a chainsaw sawing into her organs. This causes the boy to cover his eyes with his arms while continuing to shiver. After the scene ends, the light emitted from the TV turns from red to blue, convincing the child to stop shivering and lower his arms as well as legs, proceeding to watch the film normally. Suddenly, a large dog-like monster with a very large mouth emerges from the left side of the couch, scaring the boy as he waves his arms while still seated. We then cut to a shot of the monster's mouth, zooming into the screen as it consumes the kid. Waving outside of the monster and hanging upside down, blood shoots out of the boy's chest while he continues to wave his hands as they cover up most of the screen. A closer shot of the boy's face is seen with his eyes and teeth closed before widely opening them. Backing further away from the shot, the monster uses both hands to stuff the juvenile inside his mouth, chomping him in a few times before smiling and spitting out a remote control he was holding. The dog-like creature rests on the couch before the Channel V logo at the time forms around the TV's antennas.

Technique: Stop-motion claymation.

Music/Sounds: First, the sounds from the horror movie, consisting of the woman's screams, a chainsaw going off, blood splatters, and the killer's crazed laughter. A thunder bolt abruptly ends these sounds before a door closing is heard. When the monster emerges, a horror sting plays alongside the creature's growls, the kid's screams, and blood splatters. After that, a burp sound, the monster's brief giggling, and a rock soundtrack.

Availability: Extinct.

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