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Descriptions by
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Captures by
wolfie14 and Operaghost


Channel 5 is a privately-owned TV channel from the UK, being considered the fifth terrestrial channel in the country. Through its years, it had different owners; in 2002, it was rebranded as "Five" once the RTL Group bought the channel; then reverted to its original name after it was taken over by the publishing house Northern & Shell. Its current owner, Paramount Global, bought the channel in 2014.

Channel 5 (first era)

1st Bumper (30 March, 1997-September 1999)

Main Idents

Christmas Idents

Logo: The idents centre around complex neon (and sometimes flashing) images with the Channel 5 logo, which is a circle containing the number "5". No specific names were given, although they can still be described.


  • Christmas Idents:
    • Christmas 1997: TBA.
    • Christmas 1998: TBA.

Technique: Likely a combination of live-action and computer animation.

Music/Sounds: Mostly varies between the idents.

Availability: Extinct.

2nd Bumper (September 1999-10 September, 2000)

Main Ident

Christmas Idents

Logo: The screen moves on a white background composed by several metal pieces. A hole is seen on the left side, in which some green and yellow pieces containing the previous Channel 5 logo are displaced to shown another complete piece, while 5 coloured lines (blue, orange, magenta, yellow, green) zoom out on the other side in sync with the music. Once everything is centred, the screen blurs and the Channel 5 logo seen in the green piece pops-up.


  • There is another ident in which the metal pieces from the background are replaced by filmstrips. This version was likely used before movies.
  • Most of the idents usually centred around different scenarios with the same logo appearing on a hole (on different materials, such as paper). Various celebrities from the channel are shown doing different things in it, before the logo pops-up.
  • Christmas Idents:
    • Christmas 1999: TBA.

Technique: CGI animation. The celebrity idents feature live-action.

Music/Sounds: A calm 5-note synth tune.

Availability: Extinct.

3rd Bumper (11 September, 2000-4 March, 2002)

Main Idents

Other Idents

Christmas Idents

Logo: On a light green, blue, purple or orange background, we see one of the holes of paper seen in the previous ident. The Channel 5 logo appears on it while several light rays are flying in the hole, while the same lines from the previous ident flash in below.


  • Besides the aforementioned main colours, other idents feature different designs of the background.
  • Like the previous graphic package, some idents featured different celebrities of the channel doing something, before the Channel 5 itself shows up.
  • Christmas Idents:
    • Christmas 2000: TBA
    • Christmas 2001: TBA

Technique: CGI animation. The celebrity idents feature live-action.

Music/Sounds: A simplified version of the previous ident's tune.

Availability: Extinct.

4th Bumper (4 March-16 September, 2002)

Logo: On a varying coloured background of squares, TBA.

Technique: TBA.

Music/Sounds: Another remix of the previous idents' tunes.

Availability: Extinct.


1st Bumper (16 September, 2002-31 October, 2004)

Logo: The idents now centre around live-action footage of different scenarios or activities. Then, a new Channel 5 logo (simply consisting of the lowercase word "five" in Helvetica) appears on a side of the screen with a blur effect while moving slightly.


  • Out Driving - Three variants exist, each featuring similar footage.
    • Driving A - We see footage of a car with a woman driving from the front view as the world passes by.
    • Driving B - Same as before, but with different footage.
    • Driving C - The woman is nowhere to be found.
  • At the Pool - Two variants exist:
    • Swim Off - A man swims off in a public pool.
    • Whistle Blow - The same man from before swims off once the whistle blows.
  • In the Garden - Three variants exist:
    • Spraying - A man pumps and sprays bushes with water.
    • Pruning - The same man prunes some plants.
    • Grass - We see the lawn of the man's Garden.
  • At the Park - A woman sits on a park bench with her dog.
  • Hugs - Two variants exist with different footage.
    • Welcome Hug - A woman hugs another woman.
    • Excited Hug - A couple hugs each other excitingly.
  • Trying on Shoes - A woman tries on various pairs of shoes.
  • Frisbee - A man plays with a frisbee in the park.
  • Push-Ups - A Man is seen exercising and doing push-ups.
  • Opening a Box - A man opens a box and he takes something out of it.
  • Video Game - Two people play a video game.
  • Getting Undressed - A woman undresses herself. Two variants exist.
  • Beach - Three variants exist with different footage.
    • Beach Huts - A couple walks by a set of yellow beach huts on a beach.
    • Beach Paddling - The same couple play in the waves on the beach.
    • Beach Fishing - A man fishes on a pier.
  • Crazy Golf - We see an unseen person playing on a Crazy Golf course.
  • Air Hockey - We see two unseen people playing a round of Air Hockey at an arcade.
  • Reflections - Reflections of skateboarders are seen.
  • Painting Nails - An unseen woman is painting another woman's nails with red polish.
  • Escalators - We see a man going up a set of Escalators.
  • Café - Two people have a laugh at a Café.
  • Waiting with Flowers - A man sits on a bench with a set of red flowers.
  • Golf Practice - An unseen person practises hitting a golf ball.
  • Kite Flying - People fly kites on the hills while it begins to go dark.
  • Plants - A woman weeds plants in a garden.
  • Climbing - A man is seen climbing up a climbing wall.
  • At the Barbers - An unseen hairdresser gives a man a hair cut.
  • Up Steps - A couple takes a pushchair up a set of steps.
  • Rowing Machine - We see some people exercising on a set of rowing machines.
  • Golf Tractor - A golf tractor drives by a golf grounds - covered in golf balls.
  • Five and Chips - A set of people wait for a chip shop to open. The "Five" logo is grey this time round, because the window reveals itself to say "and Chips" in the same font as the logo, hence the name.
  • Diner - A man waits for a woman in a diner shop.
  • Cyclists - A set of cyclists cycle up a hill.
  • Machine - Some sort of machine rattles, with the Five logo rattling as well.
  • Out Walking - Three variants exist, each with different footage:
    • Walking the Dog - A family is seen walking their dog in a forest.
    • Road Sign - The same family reaches a sign, and make a decision on where Rothersay is.
    • Standing Stones - The family finds some Standing Stones.
  • Microlight - A microlight falls down. Unlike the other idents, the Five logo falls down with the Microlight.

Since March 8, 2004, these sets of idents were replaced with a new set, which were:

  • Funfair
    • Candy Floss - A boy waits for some Candy Floss (Cotton Candy) to be made.
    • Teacup Ride - An elderly man and a little girl eat some Candy Floss on a Teacup ride.
    • Lorry - Someone wins a Panda Toy at a fair game, and then the lorry's engine starts. An extended version featuring a man getting his bag also exists.
    • Skyfire - We see someone riding a ride at the fair from a sky view.
  • Car Boot Sale
    • Dog - Someone with their Dog is looking at items, but the Dog steals a doll.
    • Robot - Someone's hand picks up a toy robot, but they put it back down again. An extended version of this ident also exists.
    • Table - We see a table full of things for sale. Someone puts down a can of cola, and looks through cassette tapes. An insect then appears on the can.
  • Car Wash - We see a woman brushing her hair while waiting for her car to be washed. The Five logo rises from the top.

Idents (Christmas) In 2002, various Christmas scenes are featured.

  • School Play - Four variants exist:
    • Children - We see a floor view of the School Play.
    • Seats - We see the back rows of seats in the theatre.
    • Costume - We see the top of a performer's costume.
    • Christmas Tree - We see a floor view of a Christmas Tree during the play.
  • In the Snow - Five variants exist:
    • Snowball Fight - Someone throws a snowball at an unseen person.
    • Snowy Branches - We see a view of a Christmas Tree, covered in snow.
    • Rising - We see near the top of the same Christmas Tree, with another one nearby.
    • Car - We see the inside of a car on a dark night, with a Christmas Tree in the windows.
    • Coat - We see a woman in a coat walking.
  • By the Fire - Two variants exist.
    • Close-up - We see a close-up of the fire burning.
    • Slippers - We see someone wearing slippers warming up near the fire.

In 2003, the theme was "Peace and Goodwill", with most of the idents taken from the one-minute promo video of the same name used to promote the channel's Christmas schedule, which featured a couple named Rudy and Deer driving a red car.

These idents were taken from the promo:

  • Deer Sign - The red car drives past a deer sign.
  • Loading Trees - The red car drives past a lorry that is loading a set of Christmas Trees.
  • Shepherd - A shepherd with a sheep waves at the car.
  • In the Car - We see the journey in the car itself, as it passes the lorry and the Shephard.
  • Bethlehem Sign - The car passes by a sign for Bethlehem. For unknown reasons, the Five logo is red this time round.

The next set was used after Christmas:

  • Snowy Scene - We see a snowy scene with trees and a horse cart passing by.
  • Skaters - Some people are seen skating.
    • Skating Trees - The same ident, but with some Christmas Trees on the left and right.

Idents (Special)

  • America's Finest - A special set of idents that were used before CSI and Law and Order, and were used in December 2003:
    • Donuts - We see a NYPD car covered in snow, with "Donuts" written in it.
    • Police Car - We see a first-person view in a police car, where another police car is behind it.
    • Traffic Lights - We see a set of Traffic Lights.
    • Bags - A policeman puts in what appears to be bags of alcoholic beverages and puts them in a Police Car.
    • Policeman - We see the backs of some Policeman.
  • Generic - We see the Five logo moving around on a plain background. Normally used for warnings or serious information.
  • Five Arts - We see the camera rotating through a room with a white wall and a wooden floor. The text "watch this space" appears before the Five logo animates as normal, with "arts" in purple next to it.
  • Five Science - A set of three idents made exclusively for the channel's "Science Season" in January 2004.
  • Back to Reality - A set of idents made to promote the reality show of the same name, and were used in February 2004.
    • Manor Door - The camera zooms into the door of the manor.
    • Bike - A cyclist rides on a bike on a road.
    • Horses - A set of horses walk past the manor.
    • Children - A group of children walk past the manor.
    • Bus Stop - A group of people wait for a bus, to which a bus then comes by.
    • Flickering Light - A technician fixes a broken light.
  • The Matrix - A clip of the film is featured as the Five logo appears letter-by-letter. It was used as part of "Matrix Night".
  • Retro Day - The Five logo (in a different font) comes alive as it begins to drive Starsky and Hutch's famous Ford Torino away. This ident was only used on March 21, 2004, which was to coincide with the UK theatrical release of the Starsky and Hutch movie.
  • Survival Sunday - We see the Five logo set within a 3D representation of New York City. This ident was only used on May 23, 2004, which was to coincide with the UK theatrical release of The Day After Tomorrow.
  • Cosmetic Surgery Live - We see some people getting plastic surgery, while the Five logo is formed. These were used for two weeks in September 2004 to promote the show of the same name.

Technique: Live-action footage, and the Five logo appearing. These were designed by Spin.

Music/Sounds: Depends on the variant, sometimes with a music loop.

Availability: Extinct.

2nd Bumper (16 September, 2002-6 October, 2008)

Bumper: On a black background, we see the Five logo from last time wiping in and wiping out while sliding slightly to the right.

Variant: The logo can be in different colours.

Technique: The wiping.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Extinct. This was used for break bumpers.

3rd Bumper (1 November, 2004-22 January, 2006)

TBA. These were designed by Devilfish, better known for the 2011 StudioCanal logo.

Idents (Christmas): The Christmas set for 2004 focused on an ice sculpture shaped like the Five logo. It was used again in 2005.

  • Sculpting - We see a stop-frame construction of the Ice Sculpture, and when it's completed, fireworks from the nearby city are set off.
  • Sparklers - We see groups of people playing with Sparklers around the Ice Sculpture.
  • Roman Candle - A roman candle is lit on the Ice Sculpture.

4th Bumper (23 January, 2006-6 October, 2008)

Logo: Depends on the ident, but they all involve a 4-letter word in the same style as the Five logo.

Later Variant: In 2007, all of the idents were amended to have the Five logo itself in place of the random words.

Variants: TBA.

Idents (Christmas)

  • 2006 - Five urged viewers to "Give" to help support five charities - Shelter, Crisis, Centrepoint, Nightstop UK and Emmaus UK. There was a single ident, but the first two screens were different. Either a scarecrow and some bikes or a pine tree and a postbox are lit up with Christmas lights. This soon cuts to a boat which lights to to reveal the word "give" on it. Then, the scene transitions to a train bridge lighting up, and as the train rolls by, the "five" logo is formed in lights in the night sky.
  • 2007 - A single ident was used for 2007. The Five logo is formed through snowflakes, sparkles, lights, and candles respectively.

Trivia: This was designed by BB/Saunders.

Technique: TBA.

Music/Sounds: Depends on the ident.

Availability: Extinct.

5th Bumper (6 October, 2008-2010)

Logo: On a brown background, we see another new Five logo (a circle with the word "FIVE" inside) in the centre of the screen. Some blue/purple auroras appear around the circle.


  • Another version of the main ident features a more complete animation.
  • There was a series of idents that featured a random live-action or animated scene. The Five logo appears at the beginning, animated as usual, before fading out.

Technique: The auroras around the Five logo. The live action footage/animated scenes in the variants. These were designed by DixonBaxi.

Music/Sounds: TBA.

Availability: Extinct.

6th Bumper (2010-14 February, 2011)

Logo: On a dark green background, several auroras move in circles on the top-right corner of the screen, until the same Five logo from the previous ident (now red and glossy) is revealed. Some ripples emit from it, while the auroras still move.

Technique: Same as the previous logo.

Music/Sounds: A disco-type music based on Five's 2009 idents at the time.

Availability: Extinct.

Channel 5 (second era)

1st Bumper (2011-2016)

Logo: On what looks like the inside of a studio, we see a screen showing the new Channel 5 logo (a red circle with the number "5" inside) animated by a series of ripples, on a maroon background.

Technique: TBA.

Music/Sounds: Depends on the ident.

Availability: The idents are extinct on TV, but has been archived on websites like This Is Five.

2nd Bumper (2016-2020)

Logo: The idents show a certain live-action scene, that ends with a person looking at a group of 5 objects/people/animals. The actual Channel 5 logo (the number "5" divided into 5 stylised pieces) is nowhere to be found.

Variants: Some of these idents include:

  • Dogs: A man is driving a truck through a dry landscape. He looks at his mirror. We see a shot of the back of truck where there at first seems to be 3 dogs riding: a Cavalier King Charles spaniel, a brown shaggy one, and a bulldog. A 4th dog, a Jack Russell terrier, soon joins them, and a 5th dog, a little shih tzu, pops up in the middle with only its head visible.
  • Rainbows: A car drives through a mountainous terrain. We see a bored child sitting inside and looking out the window, smiling as he sees 5 rainbows on the horizon.
  • Birds: We see a shot of a city skyline with birds flying. A woman is doing things in her kitchen when she looks outside. 5 blue-fronted Amazon parrots are perched on her balcony.
  • Whales: We see a boat sailing the ocean. Many people are looking out to sea with binoculars, possible whale watching. A woman looks out to part of the sea where no one else is looking and sees 5 humpback whales breaching at the same time.
  • Others TBA.

Technique: A combination of live-action scenes and CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: TBA.

Availability: Extinct.

3rd Bumper (2020- )

Logo: On a single-coloured background, we see different views of the pieces of the Channel 5 logo (the number "5" divided into 5 stylised pieces) appear ascending and descending. Light appears inside the gaps on the logo parts. Eventually, a centred and full view of the logo is shown at the end.

Variant: The idents feature one of the following colours: dark blue, dark green, pink, light blue, light green, orange and black.

Technique: The pieces of the Channel 5 logo ascending and descending. These were designed by 5 Creative.

Music/Sounds: TBA.

Availability: Current.

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