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Centro Televisivo Vaticano is the main television network for Vatican City.

(2000s- )

Logo: On a space background, a drawing of theSt. Peter's Square with "TV" on the left and the earth fade in. While the earth slowly gets closer, a big C appears to go left of the words "TV". In front is "Centro Televisivo Vaticano" in Copperplate Gothic zooming out to below the logo. A golden circle that comes from behind goes inside the C. The earth spins to Europe, which then sparkles to get taken out to reveal the show name.

Variant: A closing version exists, which the logo plays in reverse. But after the Earth spins back to Africa, the logo flies out.

Technique: The combining of the logo, the earth moving to the logo and Europe coming out of it. "Octava dies" moving. Low-budget animation, but nothing behind its time.

Music/Sounds: A dreamy theme, with a whoosh after the fading of the logo.

Availability: Seen on Octava dies.

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